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Elephants are found in large numbers in Africa and South Asia. They inhabit the Savannahs of Africa and the dense rain forests of South Asia. Their natural habitat usually surrounds abundant water sources like lakes and rivers. They also prefer habitats with lush green vegetation and trees which they forage on. In the African continent, they can be found in countries Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc. The Asian Elephant can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Burma etc

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How are humans a threat to elepahnts?

Habitat Loss. The main threat facing Indian elephants, like all Asian elephants is loss of habitat, which then results in human-elephant conflic

African Elephants habitat?


Are the elephants habitat in danger?

Yes it is.

Asian elephants habitat?

In Aisa!

Do elephants sleep under trees?

N0, elephants do NOT sleep underneath tree's. They have their own habitat just like other animals where they live with their families.

What is the elephant's habitat like?

Elephants live in warm and humid climates, usually forest and savanna.

What are the threats to Asian elephants?

Asian elephants are endangered due to loss of habitat.

What is affecting elephants habitat?

other animals such as your mum are affecting elephants and their habitats everywhere

Have African elephants lost there habitat?


What type of habitat does elephants live in?

The Savannah

What other animals live with the elephant?

African Elephants share their habitat with animals like Lions, Cheetahs, Hyenahs, Leopards, Giraffe, Zebra, etc. The Asian Elephants share their habitat with animals like Tigers, Indian wild ox, wild dogs, deer, Rhinos etc.

What animals share their habitat with elephants?

Some animals that share their habitat with the Elephants are: * Lions * Leopards * Zebra * Gazelle * Wildebeest * Giraffe * Wild Buffaloes * etc...

Are Indian elephants extinct?

Indian elephants are not extinct. There are lots of them. African elephants are also not extinct but there are not as many African elephants as Indian elephants, as a result of ivory poachers and reduced habitat.

What are some features of the elephants habitat?

they stomp a lot

What habitat does the African elephants live in?

an African Rainforest

Why are Asian Elephants smaller than African Elephants?

Asian elephants are smaller because their jungle habitat makes being large a disadvantage.

Is there such thing as wild elephants?

Yes, despite poaching and habitat destruction, elephants can still be found in the wild.

Habitat in a sentence?

Habitat is a noun which means natural home. It can be used in the following possible sentences:The natural habitat of the average small bird is a nest in the trees.I like going on safari to see elephants in their habitat.Deforestation is bad because it destroys the habitat of many animals.

Where is elephants habitat?

the only known habitat is Africa for certain types as some are found in India as well

What type of habitat do elephants live in?

Grassy and mainly dry

Are elephants found in rain forests?

yes they are but it is not their main habitat

What plants are in a elephants habitat?

The vegetation or plant life of an elephants habitat, depends on where the elephant lives. Some of the habitats have bamboo plants, some of them have fruit trees, and others just have grass.

What threatens elephants with extinction?

Human encroachment on habitat. hunting. Poaching. Machinery that now does the work elephants used to do in Asia.

Where is a elephants habitat?

Asian elephants inhabit the eastern, and southeastern parts of Asia. They primarily inhabit tropical forest habitats.

Do elephants and giraffes live in the same habitat?

no,elephants live grassland and forests and giraffes live in open woodlands and savannes

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