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  • An emotional abuser is someone who is constantly belittling another. Example: If a husband is an emotional abuser he will call his wife every dirty thing in the book; tell her she is ugly or fat; not a good cook; not a good mother, etc., to lower her self worth and self esteem. It is a form of control the emotional abuser needs and they have generally learned this pattern of behavior from the environment in which they grew up.
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Q: What is an emotional abuser?
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If your an emotional abuser what causes them to leave?

the victim or the abuser? emotional abuse cuts deeper than physical abuse. it has to do with manipulation. though emotional abuse and physical abuse ususally go hand in hand.

How do you make your husband realize he is an emotional abuser?

tell him or record it and make him listen to it

How do you help covert emotional abuser?

Get them to INDIVIDUAL counseling. They have to ADMIT They have a problem, too.

How do you stop going back to your emotional abuser?

bros before hoes dude

Does an emotional abuser ever hit rock bottom?

not from my experience she just keeps on going.......

How do you lead an emotional abuser to help?

You can't lead or make an emotional abuser do anything and that's why they are called "emotional abusers." They feel they are OK and everyone else is off base. They know what they are and they doubt themselves and this person has had plenty of time to get help, but doesn't obviously want it. The best thing you can do is leave!

Is it possible for an emotional or physical abuser to love someone?

I dont think an abuser loves himself so he cant love. I just left the man after 6 yrs of trying

How can a potential abuser how can you get help?

Get into batterer counseling (even if its verbal/ emotional abuse) ASAP (NO Anger Management - that does NOTHING for abusers)

Does a verbal or emotional abuser wait anxiously for their victim to screw up so that they can attack them for it?

Yes, that's a reasonable speculation.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

Will an emotional and verbal abuser ever stop abusing even in a new relationship?

Abuse stems from the abuser, not from the relationship - so a change of partner won't in itself change much (or anything). An abuser needs appropriate counselling or therapy to deal with the problem. The first step of course is for him or her to acknowledge that there is a problem and that needs attending to. I hope this is some help. All the best - Joncey

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.

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