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An Example of a carnivore is either a lion, leopard cat, or a bobcat or a fox . Basically carnivores are animals that consume meat.

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What is an example of an omnivore and carnivore?

a bear for an omnivore and a tiger for carnivore

What example is a carnivore and herbivore?

Carnivore - alligator Herbivore - deer

What is an example of a carnivores?

A Tiger is an example of a carnivore.

What is an example of a primary carnivore?

A wolf.

Is cockroach an example for carnivore?

No, they are omnivores.

What are examples of a scavenger a herbivore a carnivore and an omnivore?

An example of a scavenger is a sea gull. An example of a herbivore is a uhhh, giraffe. An example of a carnivore is a lion. And an example of an omnivore is humans unless they are a vegetarian.

Are lizards omnivore carnivore or herbivore?

Lizards are carnivore, a good example of this are the dinosaurs, crocodiles and so on...

What is a meat eating carnivore?

... an example of redundancy.

What is a example of a carnivore?

Lion, tiger, and bear

What is an example of a carnivore in the rainforest?

jaguar, leopard

What is the science defintion of a carnivore?

The science definition of a carnivore is a animal or human (but mostly animals) that eats only meat for example, T-Rex was a carnivore

What animals that live in hedgerows are example of carnivore?


What is the organism that only eats meat?

A obligate carnivore eats only meat. An example would be cats.

What is an example of a secondary carnivore?

An example of a secondary carnivore is a Hyena or a wilddog. They are called that because they come second in line on the food chain to eat what the primary carnivores catch.

What are some carnivore adaptations in the desert?

An example of a carnivore adaptation in the desert is when an animal goes without food, for several days.

What is a carnivore in the ocean?

A carnivore in the ocean is a fish that eats red meat. For example, a shark is considered to be a carnivore. This is because sharks will eat other living fish and even humans!

What does omnivore herbivore carnivore mean?

An herbivore is an animal that eats strictly plants and no animals. an example of an herbivore is a deer. A carnivore is an animal or plant that eats flesh. An example of a carnivore is a lion. An example of a carnivorous plant is the venus flytrap. An omnivore is an animal that has a diet based on a mixture of plants and flesh. The greatest example of omnivores is the human race. You and I are omnivores.

What animals are example of carnivore?

snails and fish and my bum cheeks

What is an example of an Carnivore in the movie Finding Nemo?

The shark and the pelican...

Is crocodile an example of carnivore?

Yes, because they eat meat.

What is an example of a carnivore eating a herbivore?

A wolf eating a rabbit.

What is example of carnivore animals?

lions Wolves, tigers, cats...

What is an example of carnivore?

an exampleof carnivore is an animals that eat other animals or meat eater. (Ex.lion,crocodile,tiger,dinoasur etc.)

What is a carnivore in the food chain?

a carnivore would be an animal that eats meat and the carnivore in a food chain would depend on what animals are int the food changeFor example: if the animals in a food chain are snake leaves and mice the the snake would be the carnivore

Is worm a example of a carnivore?

No, worms do not eat other living things.

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