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In 1980 civil action commenced against a council in West Yorkshire by an ex-pupil of one of their schools who had used and unattended trampoline left in an unlocked sports hall and became paralysed following the accident. Alex Clayton love big fat kababs

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Q: What is an example of a civil law case in sport?
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How does civil law go into sport?

Civil law is used in sports when negotiating contracts.

What does Case closed - operation of law for a Civil Harassment filing?

What does Case close - operaton of law for a Civil Harrassment filing?

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What effect does civil law have on sport?

to stop u making war with the crowd

What is an example of a case law in sport?

muhhmad ali once punched a kangaroo to death. in a similar case mike tyson punched a goat in the face. both resulted in similar sentances.

What is the difference between a case and a lawsuit?

A law suit is a case A case is not necessarily a law suit. It could be a criminal case or other type of civil procedure.

Is the civil law a code law or case law?

Yes. Civil law is based on any code or laws passed by the legislature or law creating body for the country or political unit in question. The interpretation and any gaps in that law will be based on prior cases or case law.

What is an example of a civil law suit?

A civil law suit is one that an individual would bring (as opposed to the police who prosecute under criminal law). For instance if you purchased faulty goods from an shop and they would not replace them or give you you money back you could take them to court to make them pay. This would be a civil case.

Who is the plaintiff in a civil case?

The person or persons filling the law suit.

How do I represent myself in a civil case?

There should be a law library available at the court where your case will be adjudicated. The civil court clerk may be willing to give you minimal advice on how to get started. Then you will need to do some research at the law library on both civil procedure and on the law that governs the facts of your case. The law librarian may also be willing to provide some assistance.

Is petitioning a court for a name change considered to be a civil case?

Yes, a name change is a civil law matter.

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