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What is an example of a command economy?


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North Korea is a typical command economy. The government controls every aspect of economic activity. The only hope for any kind of decent pay is to work for the government.


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Command Economy is an example of Dictatorship.

Yes, the former USSR is an example of command economy.

the best example of a MIXED ECONOMY is the market economy and a command economy

As of 2014, Brazil does not have a command economy, but rather a mostly free market economy. North Korea is an example of a country with a command economy.

No, it is a market economy. The former USSR is an example of a command economy (as well as Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam) Actually, the U.S. is a mix between a market economy and a command economy. It is more of a market than a command but it is not completely either one.

well here is an example. Tamica and Myracle have acontrol over an economy that means an antonym for command economy is dosent have contro

By definition, a mixed economy is an economy wherein two economic systems are combined, say, a market economy, and a command economy. An example would be the US economy.

a command economy is more communism and an example is Cubaa mixed economy is a mixture of a command economy a market economy and a traditional economykeep in mind there is never ever a pure command or market economy!this was made by a 11 year old kid!hope this answers ur questionsi am in ac social studies so this is right!

This is known as a command economy. Look into the economy of the USSR for an excellent example.

=Vietnam can be demonstrated as a command economy because it is a dictatorship and almost all of the decisions are made by the government, leaving no choice for individuals rights. In the command economy the government decides what to produce, distribute and consume. The government also decides the price of the product, how to make the product, how to sell the product, and also who to sell it to. Basically in a command economy there is no freedom. China used to have a command economy, but it no longer does not. Saudi Arabia is another example of a command economy too. This is how Vietnam can be demonstrated as a command economy.=

An example could be the USA.

A planned economy can be referred to as a:command economycentrally planned economy,command and control economy

No France does not have a command economy it has mixed economy

A command economy is the same as a socialst or communist economy.

how does a command economy differ from a market economy

Yes, Haiti is a command economy. A command economy is when the government controls the economy and you are guaranteed a job. However, with a command economy, you cannot open your own business.

cuba is a command government, a command government controls prices of goods.

the command of this economy is the power

Is Germany a command economy?

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Yes Libya has a Command Economy

command singapore has a command economy

It is a command economy where the government controls the economy. It is a command economy where the government controls the economy.

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