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Grassland biome symbiotic relationship between a snake and a mouse?


What is an example of symbiosis in the Grassland biome?

an allele and a ant have an symbiotic relationship because nutrients from the tree can help the ant colont

What is an example of a predator prey relationship in the grassland biome and a example of a competitive relationship?

Jerry Sandusky

What is a symbiotic relationship that can take place in the tundra biome?

The relationship between caribou and the bacteria in their stomachs is symbiotic (mutual).

What are some symbiotic relationships of the chaparral biome?

A symbiotic relationship is between a bee and a flower. An example of commensalism would be the Red-Winged Blackbird and a Torrey pine An example of mutualism would be lichen

What is the symbiotic relationship in the savannah biome?

There are several symbiotic relationships in the savanna biome. For example, cattle egrets eat the insects that the cattle disturb when they eat grass. Bacteria live in the stomachs of giraffes to help them digest food.

What is the biome of a grassland?

The grassland is a biome.

What is an example of ecological relationship in grassland biome?

i pretend to be an idoit like these other people it depends on my food...and the relationship with the ants and the hippos make a aelle.

What is a symbiotic relationship in the lake biome?

The hydra species and Green Algae are an example of a symbiotic relationship. The Algae gets nutrients from the Hydra (nitrogen Source), and the Hydra gets the products of photosynthesis and has better growth performance.

What is an example of mutualism in the grassland biome?

A good example of mutualism in the grassland biome is that of a bird eating ticks off a buffalo, where the bird will be fed, and the buffalo will be parasite free.

What is the population of a grassland biome?

The population of the grassland biome is about 4,209

How is the soil texture of the grassland biome?

what is the soil texture in a grassland biome

Do cougars live in the grassland biome?

The cougar does live in the Grassland biome.

What is a example of parasites in a African grassland biome?

ticks waht the heck

What biome is Iowa in?

grassland biome

What is an example of symbiosis in a desert biome?

Lichens - a symbiotic combination of a fungi and an alga.

What type of biome does a lion prefer?

Most lions are found in the grassland biome. The grassland biome is like a savannah.

Example of competition in a grassland biome?

when a zebra and a antelope compete for grass? if that helps.

Which biome does the UK belong to?


What biome do porcupines live in?

grassland biome

What type of biome does amsterdam have?

grassland biome

What are some symbiotic relationships in the tundra biome?

One symbiotic relationship in the tundra is the one between the alga and the fungus. This relationship is known as lichen. The alga is protected by the fungus and the fungus receives food from the alga.

What biome is Buenos Aires Argentina in?


What is the biome for the everglades?

Grassland or Temperate Forest Biome

What biome is known as the breadbasket of the world?

it is the grassland biome :)

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