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What is an example of a yard?

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A yard is 0.9441 metres and a hundred yards would be a foot ball field

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How do you write an example sentence?

you can write an example sentence by saying for example this or this happened example; the dog ran to the front yard for example, the dog ran to the front yard because he saw a stranger

What objects are equal to 1 yard?

A yard-stick would be a good example. The height of a standard work surface, for example in the kitchen, would be very close to 1 yard.

What is a non-example of kilogram?

A yard is a non-example of kilogram.

What example can you use with a yard stick?

By Measuring Your Yard or the Gate Area Lets say the width of yours house could give you a GOOD example of using a yard stick.HOPE IT HELPS CAUSE IT HELP ME!

Is their a difference between yard and linear yard?

No. However, be aware that builders' merchants sometimes use "yards" when they mean cubic yards - for example a yard of gravel.

What is an iteam that is 1 yard long?

A yard is 3 ft or 36 inches. One example is a youngster or a child at age of 3!

An example of meter?

A metric length a little over a yard long.

What is an example of a unit of length?

a centimeter, an inch, a foot, a yard, etc.

What is an example of a sentence containing ordinance?

Example sentence - After the ordinance was passed we could no longer raise chickens in the yard.

How many pounds of trash in 1 cubic yard?

The weight of a cubic yard of trash will depend on what the trash is composed of. For example, a cubic yard of paper weighs about 568 pounds, while a cubic yard of aluminum cans weighs about 63 pounds.

What is yard sale?

You sell old, used things of your own at a very low price, a nickel for example. It is called a yard sale because the place people look at the stuff to buy is in the yard of your house.

What is an example for conversation factor?

example for conversation factoris as follows. 1 km =1000 m . so ,here 1000 is a conversation factor.

Is front yard a pronoun verb or noun?

The term 'front yard' is a noun phrase, a group of words with a noun and the words related to that noun, for example:front yardthe front yarda beautiful front yarda very beautiful front yardThe term 'front yard' can also be considered an compound noun; two or more words combined to form a noun with its own meaning.

What could a teenage girl do for a job?

Well a teenage girl could do alot,for example she could babysitt, do yard work at the house, or possibly have a yard sale. :)

How do you convert from feet to yards explain?

Take the number of feet and divide them by a ratio of 3 feet/1 yard. For example, 30 feet / (3 feet/1 yard) = 1 yard * 30 feet/3 feet = 1 yard * 10, since the units cancel, and 1 yard * 10 = 10 yards

What is a sentence using birch?

Example sentence - We planted a birch tree in our yard yesterday.

Is a yard or a foot biger?

A yard.A yard.A yard.A yard.

Do you have to pay taxes on income from a yard sale?

No you don't because it's a yard sale it's not like a shop for example when you buy a house you have to pay taxes for a house

An example of a species in your school yard?

Any living thing in your school yard: humans, grass, spiders, bees, ants, trees, wasps, squirrels, how many answers do you need?

How do you convert feet into yard?

3 feet = 1 yard so xfeet divided by 3= x yards example: 6 feet divided by 3 = 2 yards

What does it mean to buy landscape supplies, "by the yard"?

By the yard mean how many inches that are needed in the supplies, for example if you need six yards of mulches you will need about 20 pounds of mulch.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word kennel?

rover lives in the kennel at the back yard

What is an example of meters?

Meters as in "i am 1.25 meters tall". It is a measurement which is a little longer than a yard.

Who besides you or who beside you?

"Who besides you" is correct. For example, "Who besides you took the shortcut through the Thorson's yard?"

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