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What is an example of evocative speech?


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Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech is an example of an evocative speech.


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The evocative speech of the orator moved the audience.

Answer 1 Evocative speech is a speech that people do when performing a speech. Answer 2 A Speech that brings on an emotional response from the audience. It is usually something that gets people stirred up about some topic. Evocative speeches center on controversial topics that typically use emotion to make their point.

Yes, rhetoric is a type of evocative or persuasive speech.

A evocative force is any natural stimuli that evokes or arouses a response from an individual. For example, when it snows and you put your coat on. Snow would be a evocative force to a human.

A pervocative speech is when you give a lady a five minute monologue of why you want to take her out on a nice romantic dinner

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Evocative language is language that brings strong images or feelings to mind.

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Evocative is an adjective describing something that brings about strong imagery or feelings. So, an evocative argument would be one meant to incite feelings rather than appealing to logic.

Portia wrote about the rose using multiple adjectives, rendering her descriptive words evocative to her readers' imaginations.

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Winston Churchill's commencement address is an example of an entertainment speech. Also, Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech is another example of an entertainment speech.

There are several examples of speech. For example, when President Obama does his televised addresses, he is simply making a speech.

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Direct speech involves quoting and quoted speech, where as indirect speech involves reporting speech and reported speech "'I saw everything,' said Bill" is an example of direct speech. "Bill said that he saw everything." is an example of indirect speech.

A speech choir does not sing but engages in choral speaking or spoken word. An example of a speech choir is the Baker University Speech Choir.

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An example of seditious speech is when a white person calls a black person a negro.

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Symbolic speech is an action conducted for the purpose of conveying a message. Symbolic speech is protected in the US. An example is flag burning.

Hamlet's "to be or not to be" speech is a classic example.

An example of a who am I speech could start with some background information about where and how you grew up. Then the speech could name the things that influenced you and made you who you are today.

An example of entitlement is freedom of speech in the United States. Freedom of speech is a right citizens are entitled to.

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