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milk is fortified with vitamin D


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Some foods are fortified to replace nutrients, vitamins, or minerals lost during their preparation.Many foods are fortified to increase their sales.

Fortify: ten less than fiftify Fortify: protected, to make strong, to strengthen and secure They began to fortify the fort by making higher walls. Fortified simply means re-inforced or protected. For example, a fortified plastic bag may have two or three layers of plastic instead of just one. Fortified is to enrich something with nutrients or values. For example: There are particular foods that have added nutrients(vitamens and minerals for added nutritional value), a good example of one of these foods is bread.

An example of a Fortified food is milk. It is high in vitamin D.

enriched foods have nutrients added to them that were lost during processing. while, fortified foods have had nutrients added that are beyond what the foods originally contained.

Vitamins can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, meat, and most natural foods. Vitamins can also be added to foods -- usually referred to as, "fortified foods." Cereals, breads, and rice are a few of the foods that are fortified.

hi this is a piece of food

Many foods nowadays are fortified with necessary nutrients. These foods help many people get their recommended vitamins every day. Many people just don't have the time or money to have three dairy servings or five fruits and vegetables. -I hope I helped. =]

Fish . Eggs . Liver . Oil . Fortified Dairy Products

FishEggsLiverOilFortified Dairy Products

B12 - it can be obtained from supplements and fortified foods.

Food that is made richer and more nutritious by adding vitamins

Milk is fortified with vitamin D that helps with the absorption of calcium. This supports phosphate levels leading to healthier bones.

Brian Lockwood has written: 'Nutraceuticals' -- subject- s -: Diet therapy, Dietary supplements, Food, Fortified, Food-Drug Interactions, Fortified Food, Functional foods, Natural foods, Therapeutic use

After the long battle it was obvious the castle walls were weakend, so we fortified them with more stone and mortar in case of another attack. To improve their nutritional value, foods made with white flour are usually fortified by the addition of B vitamins. Attacking a fortified position is a challenge for infantry soldiers.

Egg yolkLiverFatty fishFortified dairy products

All green leafy vegetables,jaggary,rice,are rich sources of iron

· Cereals · Legumes · Nuts and Seeds · Fruits and Vegetables · Fortified Fruits

a deficiency disease. hard to get these days with all the fortified foods.

Vitamin D is found naturally in some fish. It is added to other foods in a process called "Fortification" (adding nutrients not naturally found in a food). One example of a fortified food is milk- Vitamin D is added to some milk. Such milk would be referred to as "Fortified milk"

There are a variety of supplementary foods. These include milkshakes designed to boost mineral intake, multivitamins in the form of gummy treats, and orange juice fortified with calcium.

can bread be fortified

Some foods that will help lower cholesterol, according to Mayo Clinic, are oatmeal and other high-fiber foods, fish and foods with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts, almonds, and other nuts, olive oil, and foods fortified with plant sterols or stanols.

they are fortified to help eliminate mineral deficiencies, such as the presence of traces of iodine in regular table salt to avoid iodine defficiencies which could trigger conditions such as goiters which involve the swelling of the thyroid gland

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