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examples of Enlightened self-interest

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Q: What is an example of someone with enlightened self interest?
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What does enlightened self-interest mean?

Sorry, no answer here bub..

Is narcissism bad?

When it becomes excessive and interferes with one's ability to form a healthy relationship, yes. If it is just at the point of an enlightened self-interest, it is necessary.

How would James Madison and the Classical Republicans view Alexis de Tocqueville's idea that enlightened self interest produces good citizens?

nothin you losers

Not an example of self-management?

Having someone tell you what to do is not an example of self-management. Self-management is when you can manage your own tasks and needs.

What is self enlightened interest?

I think you mean 'enlightened self-interest'. This is the idea that we do not have to be greedy and selfish to get what we want out of life, which is the approach taken by those with a rather unenlightened view. Rather, if we each act in a spirit of mutual cooperation, ethical duty and service to others, then that will tend to be reciprocated, and we all benefit in the long run. In other words, you can serve your own interests by considering and serving the interests of others.

What is meant by naked self-interest?

The word naked in this sense usually means "apparent". So if someone was acting in naked self-interest, it means that they are not hiding their motivations for the action.

What is a cynical person?

Someone who is motivated by their own self interest. They can be distrustful of sincerity or integrity.

What is personal cynicism?

Someone who is motivated by their own self interest. They can be distrustful of sincerity or integrity.

What does a self-made historian mean?

Someone who has pursued the study of history out of their own interest.

Why are enlightened beings a threat to darkness?

Enlightened beings are a threat only to themselves because believing anyone to be enlightened is a kind of sickness, believing one's self to be enlightened is pure madness, there never was nor will therer ever be an enlightened being.

An example of self-esteem would be?

Someone who feels good about who they are.

When is the pursuit of self-interest in the social interest?

when something of your self interest benefits the society.

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