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A simple one is on a vehicular race track. We need good-sized tires to get "bite" or "grip" on the surface to race. The F1 circuit features cars that have wide tires. The width of a pair of the rear ones is about half the width of the car. That's where the rubber meets the road, traction, which is friction that is intentionally applied.

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2 ways to increase friction?

One of the ways to increase friction would be to rub a body on a surface.

Would adding mass increase friction?


How can friction increase?

Friction increases or decreases based on the surface changes. If a box were sliding down a smooth hill that suddenly becomes quite rough, then friction would increase. It would be the same vice versa for decreasing friction.

An example of rolling friction?

An example of rolling friction would be like a skateboard rolling on a sidewalk.

What does it mean to increase friction?

It would be harded to move!!

What kind of surface would increase friction?


How would you increase the friction on an icy roadway?

I think you can put down cat litter on it. Cat litter can increase the friction of the icy roadway.

Which is not an example of static friction?

In order to choose which is not an example of static friction, a list would need to be provided. The opposite of static friction, which is the force resisting the movement of objects sliding against each other, would be an example of something that is not static friction.

Does ice on a road would increase friction?

No, ice reduces friction, which is why cars can skid on icy roads.

Tell you some apllications of rolling friction?

A wheel is an example of rolling friction. An example of rolling friction would be if you took kyle leary and folled him down a hill. his fat touching the grond would create rolling friction

Does surface area have an effect on friction?

Yes greater the surface area coming into contact friction would increase

How could you increase friction of car tires on an icy road?

you could place salt on the icy areas to increase friction because the ice would began to melt.

What is one example of the use of rolling kinetic friction?

Anything with wheels, such as a car, would be an example of use of rolling kinetic friction.

Why increase friction?

You would increase friction so that you wouldn't slip, by using the brakes on your car of bike you increase friction to stop yourself. Hikers increase friction between their feet and the ground by wearing hiking shoes that grip the ground better. Tires on cars that create more friction make the car go faster, because instead of sliding, the tires grip the ground and push off.

How do you use purposely in a sentence?

I purposely placed that there so it would no get in the way.

What is a example of mechanical efficiency?

reducing friction along screw threads is an example of mechanical efficiency. if theres no friction mechanical efficiency would be at 100%

If there was no friction what would that do to mechanical advantage and how would it affect efficiency?

Without friction, some forms of mechanical advantage do not function. In most cases for a mechanical apparatus, a reduction in friction is usually accompanied by an increase in efficiency.

When might you want to increase friction between two object?

Turning wheels against surfaces would require some amount of friction.

What is an example of air friction?

a skydiver falling is affected by air friction or he would fall straight down in an instant

What would happen if a ramp were coated with a smoother surface the ramps efficiency would?

The answer is : Increase because friction would decrease.

Why would you want to increase friction?

One important use for friction is to enable motion. You could not move on a frictionless surface - you would just slide to the floor and be unable to move.

What are the negative effects of friction?

Friction slows speed of an object, that creates that friction. For example: You would slide more on an ice, that on a pavement, because motion on ice creates less friction.

Where would you Increase friction in a bowling alley?

If it was my bowling center, I would increase friction on the three boards closest to the gutter on each side of the lane, and the first five feet of the approach. On the lane, the extra friction will reduce the number of gutter balls - which will make the occasional bowlers happier and encourage them to bowl more. On the approach, the extra friction will let you step off better.

What is useful friction?

there is friction in your cars brake system and without that frictiuon there your car would roll away whenever it was on a hill so this is a good example of when friction is useful.

Friction always act in a direction?

Friction always acts in the direction opposite to the the motion of the object.For example, if a bowling ball rolls to the right, friction would act to the left.Without friction, if you threw a ball, it would keep going forever. Friction slows objects down.