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What is an executive assistant?


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An executive assistant differs slightly from administrative assistant in the connotation of supporting an officer of a company, either public or private,


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There is a difference between an account assistant and an account' executive. The assistant is non-management and likely makes an hourly salary. An account executive is paid salary and would be over the assistant.

Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant

I would like to obtain a sample job objective for an executive Assistant.

1980-1983, corporate vice president and assistant group executive

human resource, executive assistant and acounts assistant

if you have no experience in the executive assistant position you applierd for, how do you answers the questions without sounding like you are clueless?

How Would Assistant Executive Housekeeper Management Role In That Specific Situation Answer this question…

assistant, executive assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant, clerical assistant, administrator, amanuensis, girl/gal/man Friday, clerk.

An assistant executive housekeeper is tasked mainly will managing employees. They will also offer orientation and training for new recruits that are hired as housekeepers.

No. Assistant Manager is one position higher that Senior executive. In the corporate ladder (junior to mid level positions), here goes: Assistant/Associate -> Executive -> Senior Exec -> Asst Manager -> Manager -> Senior Manager -> Asst Director and so on....

Yes, There are many executive assistant jobs in Milwaukee, WI

An executive assistant could be found in a variety of places because the term is so general. Lawyer offices, doctor offices, private/public school systems, resturants, Universitys, the military. All are places where one could find a job labeled as an executive assistant.

An executive assistants job can vary from company to company. You can expect an assistant to schedule appointments, write letters or emails for the boss. You could be setting up meetings.

An "assistant to ..." is normally a clerical/administrative position. (As opposed to an assistant vice president, which could be an executive position and essentially a VP in training).

Varies upon market. Which are you looking at?

Lois Pennycandy is Krusty The Clown's executive assistant.

It stand for Executive Assistant Manager in Hotel Industry.

Requirements For The Job Of Executive Assistant The definition of the title Executive Assistant changed radically over the last 30 years. Originally, this was known as an executive secretary. Thanks to a international group of professional secretaries, those working in this discipline realized salaries offered for these types of jobs were less than attractive. Over time, more education and training was required for secretarial positions with increased executive responsibilities. Today’s executive assistant in a corporate environment are often considered the third in rank from the president or general manager of a large corporate structure. The Duties Of An Executive Assistant It’s highly expedient for a person considering the position of executive assistant to have skills to produce technical reports, presentations and coordinating large business events like seminars and business expos. The executive assistant, where applicable, may also be responsible for travel arrangements nationally and internationally. Interface may occur with a wide range of departments in a corporation from personnel to accounting. Thus, the education level may include experience in basic accounting, technical writing, personnel and human resources management as well as management interface. Where To Find The Best Educational Resources For An Executive Assistant Position Most colleges offer courses in basic administrative subjects that complete a professional executive assistant’s educational background. This could include at least two years of bookkeeping or accounting, creative writing for sales and business correspondence, business law and office administration. The position of executive assistant could report to a single executive or a group of executives depending on the corporate structure in place. The expert executive assistant should be able to take charge whenever there is an absence of upper management as approved by immediate superiors to whom the executive assistant reports. The executive assistant often provides input for training, operations and safety manuals as well as overseeing initial interviews for new hires. Salaries Of Executive Assistants Depending upon locations of these positions, executive assistants with a full range of skills and experience can expect salaries of $40,000 to $60,000 annually. In areas such as New York City, executive assistant salaries begin as high as $80,000 annually which may also be true in the public sector.

Marketing executive assistant duties can include supporting the marketing manager in whatever way necessary. This can include working on accounts, handling correspondence, attending meetings, and making phone calls.

It really depends - in a large company, they are the Chief Personal Assistant, who manages all the other PA's OR is the Assistant to the Chief Executive. However in a small company, it is just a way to make a personal assistant sound like they have a more important role than they do, when they are just the bosses PA.

There is an Executive/ Personal Assistant in Greater New York City Area. It is effective immediately and it sounds like its what your looking for. And I believe its selling jewelry. The website is:

An assistant executive housekeeper is second in command to the head housekeeper. They would be in charge when the head housekeeper was gone and have much the same suites of overseeing the staff and making sure everything is clean and to standard.

A clerical job refers to work within an office setting. Examples would include a receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, and executive assistant.

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