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What is an external conflict?

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The conflict which a character has with someone else.

An internal conflict is a conflict which the character has with himself.

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What is an antonym for External Conflict?

The antonym for external conflict is internal conflict. External conflict is conflict that is caused by an outside force, whereas internal conflict is a conflict that occurs within, a conflict with one's self.

How do you use external conflict in a sentence?

External conflict is tearing their friendship apart. Do not let external conflict disrupt the flow of ideas.

What part of speech is the word external conflict?

External is an adjective and conflict is a noun. The entire phrase external conflict is reffered to as a noun.

What is the external conflict of Peak by Roland Smith?

The external conflict is he is trying to get to the top of Everest, but it is hard.

What is the external conflict of The Three Little Pigs?

The external conflict is not to be greedy

What is external conflict in flipped?

The external conflict is Juli ignoring Bryce.

Internal conflict and external conflict?

Hey im learning about internal and external conflict in school right now.! Internal conflict is the main problem in a story. External Conflict is a problem that is not so important.

What is external conflict of eclipse?

the external conflict of eclipse is between edward and victoria

What is the external conflict in the story the bridge?

what's the external conflict in the story the bridge

Is being half invisible an internal conflict or external conflict?

it is niether because an external is a conflict with others and an internal is a conflict with yourself.

What's the Internal Conflict and the External Conflict?

Internal Conflict is where the protagonist has problems with themself. External Conflict is where the protagonist has problems with the antagonist.

What broad types of external conflict?

There is only on type of external conflict. That conflict would be one vs. them self.

What is an Internal Conflict and an External Conflict?

an internal conflict is when you have a problem with yourself. an external conflict is when you and someone else is having a problem with each other.

What are the external conflict that anne frank has?

The external conflict was when the family had to go into hiding from the Nazis.

What best describes external conflict?

An external conflict is a struggle a character has with outside forces.

Is internal conflict same as external conflict?

Not really. Internal conflict is like a conflict in the mind. For instance, if you were trying to choose between things, that would be an internal conflict. External conflict is what's happening in the real world. So if someone is chasing you, that is an external conflict.

What is the definition of a main conflict in the story?

technically, there is no main conflict. There are two types of conflicts: external and internal conflict. external is a conflict on the outside. internal is a conflict on the inside.

External conflict in the utterly perfect murder?

The external conflict is between Doug and Ralph and it is about friendship.

Is the conflict in milkweed internal or external?

the conflict in milkweed is external because my characters in the story are experiencing it.

What was the external conflict of calypso in the movie odyssey?

what is calypso's external conflict in the odyssey, part one?

What is external conflict-?

External conflict is the struggle between a dramatic or literary character and and outside force.

What is the conflict of the voter short story?

internal conflict and external conflict

How do you use the word external conflict in a sentence?

An external conflict is something that's going on outside a person's mind. For example, "The external conflict of the story was the fight between the teacher and the parent".

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