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Q: What is an fact about Cheyenne?
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How do you spell the other word for the state cheyenne?

The spelling for the capitol of Wyoming is in fact "Cheyenne". As a proper noun, this term always begins with a capital "C".

Do Cheyenne have kids?

All human beings have children - it's a fact of life.

Why is cheyenne named cheyenne?

Cheyenne's name is Cheyenne because that's what her parent's named her.

What state is Cheyenne located in?

There are several places named Cheyenne in the US: Cheyenne, Wyoming Cheyenne, Oklahoma Cheyenne, Texas Cheyenne, Kansas Cheyenne County, Kansas Cheyenne County, Colorado Cheyenne County, Nebraska

What actors and actresses appeared in Cheyenne - 2006?

The cast of Cheyenne - 2006 includes: Cheyenne Kimball as Cheyenne

What does Cheyenne mean in Spanish?

Cheyenne is still Cheyenne in Spanish.

What are some of the things named after the cheyenne Indian tribe?

Cheyenne in Wyoming and the Cheyenne river were named after the Cheyenne people.

Who are the Cheyenne Stars?

The Cheyenne Stars are the best team in Cheyenne, WY.

Where are the Cheyenne Indians?

They are in cheyenne.

How do you say Cheyenne in hawaiian?

Cheyenne = Kaieni

Where is the Cheyenne Childrens Museum in Cheyenne Wyoming located?

The address of the Cheyenne Childrens Museum is: 515 E Pershing, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Is Cheyenne the statehood of Wyoming?

No, Cheyenne is not the statehood of Wyoming. Cheyenne is the state capital of Wyoming.

Where the Cheyenne lived?

where did the cheyenne lived

What are the words to the Cheyenne theme song?

CHEYENNE Theme song from the TV series "Cheyenne" (1955-1963) (William Lava / Stanley D. Jones) Cheyenne, Cheyenne, where will you be campin' tonight? Lonely man, Cheyenne, will your heart stay free and light? Dream, Cheyenne, of a girl you may never love Move along, Cheyenne, like the restless cloud up above The wind that blows, that comes and goes, has been your only home But will the wild wind one day cease and you'll no longer roam Move along, Cheyenne, the next pasture's always so green Driftin' on, Cheyenne don't forget the things you have seen And when you settle down where will it be, Cheyenne? Cheyenne!

What is the birth name of Cheyenne Jackson?

Cheyenne Jackson's birth name is Cheyenne David Jackson.

What is the birth name of Cheyenne Kimball?

Cheyenne Kimball's birth name is Cheyenne Nichole Kimball.

What is the birth name of Cheyenne Adamson?

Cheyenne Adamson's birth name is Cheyenne Joseph Adamson.

What is the birth name of Cheyenne Carthy?

Cheyenne Carthy's birth name is Cheyenne Anna Carthy.

What is the birth name of Cheyenne Ochsenknecht?

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht's birth name is Cheyenne Savannah Ochsenknecht.

What is important about Cheyenne Wyoming?

Cheyenne, Wyoming is important because it is the state capital of Wyoming. The state legislature meets in Cheyenne and many state government offices are located in Cheyenne.Cheyenne Frontier Days have been held in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 1897.

When did the Cheyenne tribe die?

The Cheyenne or Tsêhéstáno tribe never died. There are two federally recognized Cheyenne peoples - the Northern Cheyenne, generally located in Montana and the Southern Cheyenne of Oklahoma. However, Cheyenne can be found all across America.

What is the Cheyenne recouces?

the recouce of the cheyenne is the boffalo

What was the Cheyenne?

'Cheyenne' is the name of an Indian Tribe.

What was a Cheyenne home?

a Cheyenne home was a tepees

Where is the Cheyenne Depot Museum Inc in Cheyenne Wyoming located?

The address of the Cheyenne Depot Museum Inc is: Po Box 2160, Cheyenne, WY 82003-2160