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What is an ideal weight for a 5 foot 6 inch male?


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Go to look for the ideal weight calculations, it should be the third entry, can't miss it.


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It is important to keep a healthy body weight. Otherwise there can be severe health problems. The ideal weight for a 5'9" male is between 165-195 pounds

145-170 would be an ideal weight for that height.

The ideal weight is listed as 135 lbs. However, the average weight of an adult male, who is 5'7" in height is in the 150 lb range.

Ideal weight is dependent on age. However, in most situations a 5 foot 9 inch male should weight between 135 and 168 pounds.

depends on build, bone structure, metabolic rate, fitness etc.

Ideal body weight would be a body mass index of 20-25, or about 160-170 for a 5' 11" person (male or female).

According to Halls-MD, the ideal weight for a 43 year old male 5'11" is 157 pounds.

The ideal weight for a 5 ft. 8in. male is about 147 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 136 and 164 pounds.

The normal weight for a 6 foot 2 inch male varies greatly according to bone size and muscle structure. This person might weigh between 180 and 230 pounds.

The ideal weight for a male Gordon Setter is 70-75lbs.

A 5 foot 3 inches male should weight approximately 100-125 pounds.

ide say about 140 pounds

The ideal weight of a male Border Collie is 30 - 45 pounds.

The ideal weight for a man and woman of the same height is different due to different body requirements. For a man of 5 feet 8 inch the ideal body weight is 151-200 pounds.

Ideal body weight for a 6 foot male is about 180 pounds.

The ideal weight is between 55 and 75 pounds

There is no ideal weight. Everyone is different.

It depends on your height. The ideal weight for a male who is 5 feet 3 inches is 132 pounds. You can calculate your weight from that.

There is no ideal weight. It depends on factors, and lots of them. Your family heritage, your genes, your body plan, are you muscular are you skinny, are you fat, are you big boned. Technically there's really no ideal weight for anything, it changes based upon biological and psychological factors.

Ideal weight for female is around 130-135lbs For the male it is about 140-150

The Average weight for 25*5.11 is 75 to 80 kg. Regards aman

Ideal weight is around 175 pounds. Ideal weight, however, does not take into account body type, build, or muscle mass. Athletic frames generally will be over the ideal weight, slight frames will be under. Percent body fat and fitness scales are generally better guides to determining appropriate weight.

the ideal weight would be 175 to 185 pounds I am six foot and weight 155-160. I am extremely skinny tho and do not work out.

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