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an immiscible mixture is a mixture that is not able to be mixed together eg oil and water

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Does azeotropic mixture is miscible or immiscible?


What is an immiscibl e mixture?

An immiscible mixture is a mixture which will not successfully combine into a homogeneous state. One of the most common examples of an immiscible mixture is oil and water.

A heterogeneous mixture is to homogeneous mixture as immiscible liquids are to what?

miscible (soluble)

What is miscible and immiscible?

Miscible liquids are liquids that form a homogeneous mixture when they are added together. Obviously liquids that are immiscible do not form a homogeneous mixture when they are added together.

Is chunky peanut butter a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

It is a heterogenous mixture of chunks, immiscible fats and water.

Why is cornstarch and water an emulsion?

An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids. Cornstarch is a solid and this mixture is a suspension.

How would mixture of two immiscible solid be separated?

Seperating funnel

Why would you separate a homogeneous mixture of two miscible liquids in this way but not a mixture of two immiscible liquids?

the two

What method in separating mixture in decantation?

Decantation is used to separe immiscible liquids.

Why can you use a water-ethanol mixture but not a water-hexane mixture as a recrystallizing solvent?

Hexane is immiscible in water.

Is vinegarette an emulsion?

Yes it is since it is a mixture of two immiscible compounds, oil and vinegar.

Can oil mix with water?

No, they are immiscible. I want to improve the answer: Though oil and water are immiscible normally but they can be made immiscible by use of suitable surfactants or better say emulsifying agents resulting in the formation of mixture of oil and water called as emulsion.

What mixture does not dissolve?

A type of mixture that does not dissolve substances into one is called Immiscible.Miscible is when something is capable of blending or dissolving into another.

What is the best definition of solvent extraction?

Separation of a component from a mixture with the aid of solvent which is miscible with this component but immiscible with the initial solvent of the mixture.

What is a mixture of two or more immiscible substances united with the aid of a binder?

Concrete and asphalt are examples.

What are the 3 types of mixture?

Solutions - (homogeneous) solute dissolved in a solvent Emulsion - (heterogeneous) mixture of 2 immiscible liquids Suspension - (heterogeneous) mixture of liquid and insoluble solid

What is the difference between immiscible and emulsion mixtures?

Immiscible means won't mix ... usually two liquids that form separate layers eg water and chloroform An emulsionis a mixture of two or more liquids which are normally immiscible (un-blendable). eg vinegar and oil in salad cream

Which phase will be on top in an immiscible mixture of methylene chloride and 1M of sodium hydroxide?

Sodium hydroxide solution will be on the top.

Is oil and water a homogeneous mixture or a hetrogeneous mixture?

i ain't got a clue Oil and water do not mixed and therefore is immiscible. It remains in two phases. Rrgo heterogeneous.

Is paint miscible or immiscible?


What are immiscrible liquid?

I think what you meant was immiscible liquids. Immiscible liquid mean that it cannot form a homgeneous mixture when they are mixed together. A good example o f this is water are oil. The oil sits on top of the water.

What type of mixture is oil and water?

An emulsion, which is is a mixture of two or more immiscible liquids (those that are unblendable). If it is hot oil and water the water will make the grease pop up on you.

Is oil and water a heterogenous mixture?

Yes, oil/water mixtures are heterogeneous because there is a phase boundary, as these liquids are immiscible.

What is the difference between a miscible and immiscible?

Two materials are said to be miscible if when combined they will form a homogeneous mixture. Immiscible refers to inability to mix two liquids or even two solids. Gases are always miscible. Oil and water are immiscible and, if mixed, separate into two different phases, the oil phase and the water phase.

Why is water at the bottom of a immiscible liquid?

Water is only at the bottom of a mixture of immiscible liquids if it is the densest liquid. If the other liquid is denser than water, water will be at the top, as would occur in a mixture of water and mercury in a beaker. The density of water is 1.00 g/ml, mercury is 13.5 g/ml and olive oil is about 0.85 g/ml. Therefore water will be on the bottom of an oil/water mixture, but will be on the top of a mercury/water mixture.

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