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Christmas would be an important holiday in almost all European countries.

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Is the Ascension part of Easter?

it is in a way, although it is not a particularly important holiday in North America, it is a very important day and widely celebrated in most of Europe

What is the most important Islamic holiday?

The most important Islam holiday is the week holiday of Friday.

Is Thanksgiving a holiday in Europe?

No, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in any of Europe's countries.

Where can one book a holiday to tour Europe?

A person could book a holiday tour to Europe through a company called British Airways. A person might also book a holiday tour to Europe through Central Holiday's online website.

What is Thanksgiving called in Europe?

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday. It is not celebrated in Europe.

An important holiday in France is?

New years eve is the most important holiday in France.

What is the most important public holiday in the Philippines?

the most important holiday in the philippines is........ christmas

What is most important holiday of Jews?

the most important holiday of the jewish religion is hanukkah

Is Tunisia classed as Europe when booking holiday insurance?

Tunisia is in Northern Africa - not Europe.

What is the most important holiday in colombia?

The most important holiday to most people in Colombia is day of the dead. This is a holiday that honors dead relatives.

Is Tunisia in Europe for holiday insurance?

No, Tunisia is in Africa.

What holiday does the Europe flag stand for?

There are many countries in Europe so there are many flags not one.

What is Kyrgyzstan most important holiday?

Obviously, the one holiday that happens

What is the holiday celebrated in Europe on November 11th?

Armistice Day.

What is Mexico's most important religious holiday?

the most important holiday is Christmas then Easter then the day of the dead which is in November 2

Why is the Fourth of July an important holiday for Americans?

the fourth of july is an important holiday for americans because in 1776 on the 4 of july we won independence from great britian... so that why the 4 of july is an important holiday fo americans

Why is Thanksgiving an important holiday?

Thanksgiving is so important because it is.

What are the important holidays in France?

is a holiday

What is your important holiday?

pizza day

What is the most important holiday?

I think Easter is the most important holiday 'cause that's when Jesus rose from the dead, and defeated death.

What does sharm el sheik come under for holiday insurance?


Is blue day a holiday?

Yes Blue Day is a Holiday in a small town in europe. Im not quite sure what the town is called but it is.

What is the most important holiday in Islam?


Important holiday of Christianity?

christmas. easter.

What is the most important holiday in Egypt?