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What is an indigenous flower?

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Rather than give you a scientific botanical answer, here's a simple one related to human beings that helps to describe this kind of plant or flower.

In Australia, the Aboriginal people are indigenous, which means they come from Australia and nowhere else. They are unique to that continent.

An indigenous plant is one that is unique to a particular place. For example, the California poppy is indigenous to the state of California.

Both aborigines and poppies can live elsewhere if it is to their liking, but their origins remain the same no matter how long they dwell in the new location.

However, unless you can prove a plant totally originates in the place that you are, the chances are that they were brought back to that country from another country, by the intrepid botanists of the 16th century to present day. Also many seeds floated across oceans and landed on other shores and eventually became indigenous. It is an interesting subject..for many that we call plants in the Uk for instance, are classed as weeds elsewhere

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The poinsettia is a highly cultural plant. The flower is indigenous to the regions of Mexico and Central America. Due to its colors, it is often used as a Christmas decoration.

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