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Natural and Inexpensive Weed KillerHave you looked into corn gluten? It is an effective herbicide without nasty chemicals. For more information, go to:

2,4,D is a broadleaf killer.It will not kill your grass at the labeled rates which is 1 ounce 2,4,D to 1 gallon of water. Spray till wet.

corn gluten takes up to 3 years to start working as a weed control method

in my opinion 2,4-D is the way to go, however use a speader/sticker agent in the herbicide mix. this will bond the chemical to the plant. i use about 8 oz's to a gallon of herbicide. clover and chickweed have a waxy coating and striations that keep the drops from spreading over the plant. it will takes 5-6 blanket sprays to kill the clover. space out in 1 month intervals. never begin spraying when the wind is above 10 mile an hour. by the book they say 5 miles an hour wind, but that is rarely convienient . use larger droplets from a sprayer ( less water pressure = larger water droplets.

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Q: What is an inexpensive herbicide to control chickweed clover and wild onions on 6 grassy acres which are maintained weekly?
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