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It's not the hamsters fault, but yours! Every couple of days you should take out whatever you have on the floor of the cage (they will do their business on one part of the cage, but not near their sleeping area.) Buy a bag of wood chips (meant for rodents) at any local pet store or sometimes grocery stores and every two days clean out the woodchips and replace it with new (much like a cat's litter box.) Also be sure there is good food (also from the pet store) and fresh water. You can place cotton baton and pieces of ribbon if you like in one corner of the cage so your hamster can make a warm bed out of it. Hamsters groom themselves so no need to bath that hamster! LOL

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Do teddy bear hamsters smell?

if they have pine bedding and you clean out its cage monthly it will smell like good fresh pine other wise Stinky

Are mice stinky?

No, they are not stinky, if you make sure that you keep their boxes clean.

Are rats stinky animals?

Yes they stay stinky if you don't clean their cage.

How often should you clean out a hamsters cage?

I clean out my hamsters cage twice a week.

How do you tell if your hamsters are mating?

How to tell if your hamsters are matingThe female will lay down flat on her stomachThe male will often poke or lick herThe male will tap his foot (it doesn't matter which foot it is)The male will often get off the female and clean himselfwhen you find your hamsters smoking while lying down, your hamsters just mated.

Do male Syrian hamsters smell?

No, if you clean their cage regularly. Most of Syrian hamsters will use one corner in their cage as a toilet, which makes cleaning easier. Female Syrian hamsters will often smell more when they are in heat.

How do hamsters get fleas?

if u dont clean there cage clean often and if their around pets who have hamsters

Are rabbits stinky?

Rabbits normally clean themselves, so not really. Although, if they get into anything stinky, i guess it is possible. . . .

Do robo dwarf hamsters smell?

No robo hamsters do not smell they clean themselves and your supposed to clean them once a month.

Why are there knats in my hamsters cage?

You might need to clean your hamsters cage

Can you bathe dwarf hamsters?

Hamsters clean themselves; there is no need for them to be bathed.

Are parakeets stinky?

Healthy parakeets do not have a strong odor. Their cages may become stinky if their owners do not clean them regularly, but that is not the bird's fault.

How often do you have to clean hamsters?

If you want to clean the hamsters cage then you should probably clean it every couple days but you can not clean a hamster or else the hamster will get a skin problem and it will irritate the hamster.

How do hamsters bath themselves?

Hamsters lick their paws and fur; they clean themselves.

How do you clean a hamsters cage well?

In pet stores, you can buy a bottle that helps you clean the hamsters cage. Ask a assistant because im sure they have it in some stores and you can ask how to clean them clean.

How often do you clean hamsters cages?

you clean your hamsters once every week unless she has babies in the cage then you cant clean it until 2 weeks after thierr birth.

When should you clean out your hamsters cage?

you should clean it once a week

Do dwarf hamsters require cleaning or are they self cleaning?

Dwarf hamsters clean themselves. I own one and watch him clean himself all the time. Dwarf hamsters clean themselves by pulling both paws from the back of their neck forward.

Are hamsters very clean?

yes hamsters are very clean. They spend most of their time cleaning themselves. They are actually cleaner than humans!!

What kind of sand do hamsters use to clean them?

I have always given my hamsters Chinchilla sand.

Are mice stinky pets?

Generally mice are very stinky pets. But if they are well kept, and their living space is kept clean, they aren't so bad.

What do sugar gliders smell like?

they are described as very stinky animals but if you clean their cage often and dont leave their food out for days and days they arent stinky.

Can hamsters purr when their happy?

Hamsters lick your fingers when they're happy with you. They also clean and lick themselves.

How much do you have to clean a hamsters cage?

you need to kleen out a hamsters cage about once a week or more if necessery

HOW often should you clean your hamsters cage?


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