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What is an installment loan?

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An installment loan is a loan that is repaid over time with a set number of scheduled payments. The term of loan may be as little as a few months and as long as 30 years. A mortgage, for example, is a type of installment loan.

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What is the installment loan?

An installment loan is a loan that is repaid over time with a set number of scheduled payments. The term of loan may be as little as a few months and as long as 30 years. A mortgage, for example, is a type of installment loan.

What does i8 rating on credit bureau mean?

i = installment loan. 8 = repossession. i8 = repossession of an installment loan (like an auto loan).

What describes an installment loan?

Installment loans require monthly payments to pay the loan.

What does an installment loan mean?

An installment loan is a loan paid with interest in equal periodic payments, in other words it is a loan that is repaid over time with the set number of schedule numbers.

What happens if you do not pay your check n go installment loan?

The loan will be a default loan

What is Installment Loan?

A loan in which the amount of payment and the number of payments are predetermined.

Is an installment loan a good idea?

An installment loan is a good idea,where you don't have to make guesses what payment one has to make every month.

Is a loan with a lower present value preferable to a loan with a lower periodic installment?

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Is installment credit a continuous loan the borrower must repay?

An installment loan is a loan that is established for a set time frame where the borrower makes consistent payments until the note (loan) is paid in full at the end of the term. A car loan is an example of an installment loan. The loan only continues for the set term (length) and you only make payments during that time frame. At the end of the term, the loan is paid in full.

Is the amount added to the principal of a loan by the lender?


How to apply for an installment loan?

You can apply for an installment loans by going to a bank in person or by checking online at various online loan sites. Compare the rates and terms and find the one that's best suited for your purposes.

Where can you find an unsecured installment loan after bankruptcy discharge legal in nc?

no where that i can find

What types of CFS loans are presently available?

There are several types of CFS loans available, such as a student loan, a payday loan, an installment loan, and the popular Flexible Credit Home Loan.

Where is a legitimate monthly installment loans for bad credit?

Check n go and PLS Loan (although it is called a smart loan there)

What is the maximum number of payments that can be made toward paying off an installment loan?


Index method in flat file?

Loan 12000 for 12 months, interest rate 12% and monthly installment loan, which method do you choose?

What is a loan that is paid in equal monthly installments with a fixed interest rate called?

installment credit

Cassandra is repaying an installment loan of 3500 with 20 equal monthly payments of 196 each what is the annual percentage rate of the loan?

C 12%

Where can I apply for installment loans online?

Several Companies offer Installment Loans online without Credit Checks and even with Bad Credit. The major thing to look at with Installment Loan Companies is how much Interest they are going to charge on the Loan, some charge up to 300 percent, so if they lend you $300, you could end up owing them $900.

Where can you find the best installment loan with bad credit?

Having bad credit can prevent a person from obtaining many kinds of personal loan. If you are in this situation, one option you have is to apply for a bad credit installment loan. Rather than having to pay back a traditional short-term loan all at once, a personal installment loan lets you make payments over time. There are many ways of getting installment loans. Installment loans online are often used and popular among borrowers due to their simplicity and fast application process. These installment loans are offered by particular lending stores performing their services solely on the Internet (because traditional ways of borrowing are rather complicated and complex). Some online lenders have designed simple online application forms (available on their websites), and that even allow you to receive the necessary funds the same day.

What is a payment on a loan is divided into equal payments over a set period of time called?

installment debt

If Nancy pays her bank 465.23 a month for 48 months how much will she have paid on her installment loan?


Should you continue having your wages garnished or should you set up an installment plan with your education loan lender?

If you have the option of setting up an installment plan with your student loan lender (or any other lender), that is always a better bet than having your wages garnished.

Can someone expalain what will be installment size for a loan for 2.8 million having interest rate 5 and repayment option principal 1st and then interest with equal monthly installment and repayment?

8 8

What is the relationship of an APR for an add-on rate for a one-payment loan compared to an add-on for a monthly installment loan?

What is the apr for 17% add on for two years

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