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Sounds like swollen glands but good idea to get your doctor to check it out.

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Q: What is an internal lump in front of the left ear?
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Could an itching outer ear and a painful inner ear and a lump under the skin in front of ear all be symptoms of a left ear infection?


Is it bad that theres a lump under the skin in front of my ear and my ear does not drain everytime i have an ear infection and could the drainage problem be causing the lump?

I currently have a hard lump in front of my ear - has been there for a few months. i did not know that I had fluid in my ears but at the drs when I was having the lump examined - she found the fluid. I am on antibiotics right now to treat my ears. The thought my dr has is that the ear infection caused my glands to swell. If the lump does not go away after 10 days of antibiotics - I am having an ultra sound done. My lump does not hurt - but something is causing me to have a head ache ALL day long :(

Would Trigeminal Neuralgia cause a hard lump to form in front of ear?


Small lump of left side of head above ear?

A small lump on the left side of the head could possibly be a cyst. However, only a medical professional can determine the cause for a lump on the head.

What does it mean when your left ear tingles all the time?

If your left ear tingles all the time, you may have a pinched nerve in your neck. If there is a lump, bleeding, or discoloration of your ear, get it checked by a doctor.

What is a lump behind babies left ear?

If that lump just showed up, it would seem to be something abnormal. Discuss this with your child's doctor.

What is a Lump on scalp behind ear?

what is the lump

What is a small painless firm lump located right in front of the ear lobe?

It could be your ear bone, or even an inflamed lymph node.

What could a small hard but not painful lump below a left ear be if there is another lump a few inches below it on the neck?

don't ever have a lump on your ear or else you are gonna have trouble hearing things and than after you get better you will become death in about 1 day so don't ever get a lump on your ear or else that means trouble. lolololololololololololololololololololol

HARD lump on left side of head behind ear?

Just wait for it to go away.

What is a movable lump in front of the ear that is painful to touch?

I don't know but if it is able to move why don't you take it out?

What is wrong if for the past 2 years you have had a painless lump behind your left ear and have low wbc and 6 months ago a lump in left breast?

As you know you have a low wbc count you must have been to the doctor. what did he/she say? I have had a lump behind my ear for years and it is nothing, but when I had a lump in my breast I was at the doctor within 3 days. 90% of breast lumps are innocent, but you should still go to the doctor.

I have had a Small lump right behind my left ear it does not hurt.?

It could just be a swollen lymph-node.

Painful lump on left side of the head followed by nausea and sore ear?

See a doctor immediately.

If you have been having left ear aches and left eye aches and redness which one is causing the lump under the skin that is in front of your ear and is it possible that these are somehow related?

It sounds possible that the lump is the bite of a venomous insect. This would explain the lump, and the pain along the nerve plexi that serve the facial area. If that's the only problem, there's not a lot you can do at this time. If it gets worse, e.g. redness increases, a boil forms, the pain increases or numbness manifests, consider calling a doctor.

What is the hard lump behind my left ear which I have had for 2 months?

For anybody to say what the lump is they would have to see the lump. Nobody here can comment on something they cannot see. So the best thing for you to do is go to a doctor.

Hard lump between ear and jaw line hurts when touch swollen and red by the ear what could it be?

hard lump between jaw and ear what is it and how can it be cured?

Why do some people say Captain Kirk has three ears?

he has a right ear,a left ear and a final front ear

What type of lump will appear behind a left ear?

It could be anything from a cyst to a pimple. Go to your family doctor.

What is the lump on the back of your head behind your left ear?

That would be your skull, which surrounds and protects your very precious brains.

Soft lump in front of ear feels like blocking your hearing?

See a doctor. How can we check something like this online?

What is a hard lump behind your left ear at the bottom?

This is both on the left and right ears These bumps are just bone, a part of your skull

My daughter has a hard painful lump behind her right ear what could this possibly be?

My son also has a lump behind his ear but on the left. from what i can think it could be an infected lymph node, but the best thing to do would be to contact a doctor.

What is a small lump on the right side of your neck underneath your ear?

i get a small lump under my ear when i have an infection, lymph nodes (sp) get inflamed.

Pain below ear on jaw line feels bruised with small lump?

no lump