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It is a person who is a foreigner (not a citizen) who tours a country not native to that person.
tourist travelling to and between foreign countries

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Q: What is an international tourist?
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What are the different types of tourist?

Answer1)Transit2)stopover3)day4)cruiseAn international tourist,a regional tourist,a domestic tourist and a excursionist tourist.

What is the difference between a domestic tourist and an international tourist?

Domestic Tourist- those who visit places within their own country.International Tourist- those who visit countries other than their own.

What is the difference between a local and international tourist?

Only point of origin. A local is from the area, international, from another country

Can a tourist drive in Pennsylvania using an international driver's license?

Stupid. Of course they can. :)

Definition of international tourist?

someone who travels outside their own country as opposed to domestic tourist (someone who stays in the borders of their own country)

How are an international tourist a regional tourist a domestic tourist and a excursionist tourist defined?

1) International Tourist is the one who travels from a country to another. 0 2) Both domestic and International tourists can be considered excursionists and or regional, being the regional the one that determines one region to visit, say, going to New England, or The Alps, or one region in a country or state. The excursionist in general is also called backpacker. Usually stays in hostels and travels by different ways of transportation, hiking or cycling. It can also be defined as the tourist who travels in groups. 3) Domestic tourist is the one that travels within a country, from state to state or city to city.

What country has the most tourists?

France has the most international tourist arrivals with 83.0 million in 2012. The United States is second with 67.0 million and then China and Spain, each with 57.7 million international tourist arrivals in 2012.

Types of tourist and example of each?

Feature tours, special tours, academic tours, study tours, health tours and so on. domestic tourist- port-of-spain to sangre grande regional tourist- barbados to st.lucia international tourist- trinidad to england

Country that is Africa's favorite tourist attraction?

Morocco, is Africa's favorite tourist attraction. In 2013, it had 10 million international tourist arrivals, followed by South Africa with 9.5 million arrivals the same year.

Can i fly to Hawaii with international driver license?

Is this a tourist question, a driving question - or a trick question?FLYING to Hawaii has nothing to do with whether or not you have an international drivers license or, for that matter, ANY kind of drivers license.DRIVING in Hawaii with an international drivers license, once you arrive there, should not be a problem. A tourist driving with an international drivers license is acceptable in the US.

What does isle of man TT stand for?

The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race.

Why is Mexico so important to tourist site?

It is the 10th most popular country for international tourists in the world.

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