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In Algebra
An intervening variable is an internal state that is hypothetical in empirical research. It explains the relationships between variables being observed.

What is a variable?

Something that changes during an experiment. A variable issomething that is bound to change and not constant In a mathematical statement a variable is something which can takeon different values; it is usually represented by a letter, thougha word could be used. Examples include: x + 5 (x is a varia ( Full Answer )

What is variable?

something that can be changed(science) A variable is a character or symbol used to represent a value.

What are the variables?

Variables are names for which the value may be altered. That is, the value of a name is variable. For example: int x; // Declares a variable named x. int y = 0; // Declares and initialises a variable named y. x = 5; // Changes the value of the variable named x. y = x; // Changes the value of the va ( Full Answer )

What are variables?

something that can be changed, like in an experiment. there are controlled variables, manipulated variables and respondingvariables. Something that you could of done better or needed improvement on and then there's something that you did great.Variables are unknowns. They are typically found in math ( Full Answer )

What is variability?

Variability is a measure of differences between multiple observations. These may be observations of a number of different objects or repeated observations on the same object.

How did the US intervene in middle east?

NATO-led occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by America. Several of America's aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Interference in the internal affairs of Middle East countries. Support the opposition.

Does God intervene?

No, even supposing that he does exist. If he did, surely he'd have stopped all the evil by now.

What is meant by the phrase intervening words?

Intervening words are the words between any two chosen words in a text. For example, the intervening words between "words" and "chosen" above are between any two.

What is an variable?

A variable is a value that is not always the same number.. In alegebra, it is represented as a letter. In the equasion Y=4X+5, 'Y' and 'X' are both variables.

What is an intervening indictment?

An intervening indictment is a charge that is added to an existingindictment. For example: an offender may be charged withtrespassing, along with vandalism. The latter can be an addedcharge based on existing evidence at the crime scene. If the policeand prosecutors have enough evidence to mount agai ( Full Answer )

Why did the US intervene in Vietnam?

The reason why the US intervened in Vietnam was to stop the flow of communism and to stop what was called "The Domino Affect" which was basically a predicted hypothesis that would mean that after one country became communist, its neighbors would. By intervening in Vietnam they could stop the spread ( Full Answer )

Why did the US intervene in Korea?

The main reason was so that it could stop the spread of Communism throughout the world, a top priority for the US during the cold war.

Why did countries not intervene during the holocaust?

It is important to know just at which stage in the Nazi partys' power in Germany between 1933 & 1945 you refer to. It was obvious that Hitler was discriminating against the Jews. It was well known that he had a 'Social Reformation' programme. It was known that there were prisons,camps, for 'Social I ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US intervene in Rwanda?

Because they didn't want what happened in Somalia (Black Hawk Down) to happen again even though we would own the Interhamwe..... and cause we were chickens

What is an intervening phrase?

An intervening phrase or word between the subject and the verb that does not affect the subject-verb agreement. Intervening phrases may use prepositions such as: to, for, with, together with, including. Example: The trees and vehicles, including his truck, were blown away. --- Intervening ( Full Answer )

Where and why did the US intervene in Cuba?

By the end of the 19th century, Spain lost most of its colonies. It only had left very few colonies like the Philippines and the Guam island and also Cuba. The U.S. had an interest in Cuba. The U.S. wanted to buy Cuba from Spain, but Spain didn't want the U.S. to buy Cuba. Between 1868 and 1878 the ( Full Answer )

Why did the us intervene in haiti?

the united states intervene in Haiti for many reasons. some of these are to help Haiti financially settle the matters of the corrupt government,,and also for their own self intrest

Why did America intervene with Latin America?

America intervened in Latin America primarily to protect American economic interests in the area. A number of American companies were already operating in the region by the early 20th century and with the United States having emerged victorious from a war with Spain in 1898, the idea of using the mi ( Full Answer )

Why did the us intervene in Korea when it did not intervene in china?

In 1949, at the end of the Chinese Civil War, millions (like 99%) of Chinese people believed in Communism/Socialism and Maoism (Which are pretty much the same thing). Everyone basically 'worshiped' Mao Zedong. At that point, when Mao won the war, the US refused to recognize the Communism China as a ( Full Answer )

Why should the U.S. have to intervene in genocide?

No it isn't are responsibility, before WW2 the US had a strong sense of isolationism, we should go back to those ways and stay outta other peoples business. Our founding fathers warned us about getting into foreign entanglements and how it would play a key role into the downfall of our nation.

What is it called when the state intervenes in the economy?

the doctrine that maintains that the state should NOT intervene in economics is called laissez-faire. but when the states SHOuLD intervene in the economy, i don't know what its called..sorry! :( jocon94- Laissez-faire is a philosophy. The Interstate Commerce Act says states can't regulate services ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word 'intervene' in a sentence?

"The teacher felt the need to intervene when she saw that Micah was being bullied" "When Lucy and Jo started arguing, Mel felt the need to intervene because it was annoying her"

How and why did the US intervene in Mexico?

On every instance of US intervention in Mexico, there has been military confrontation between Mexican and American troops: . Texas War of Independence (1835-1836) . Mexican-American War (1846-1847) . US Occupation of Veracruz (1914) . US Punitive Expedition (1916-1917)

What is an intervening applicant?

An intervening applicant refers to a rule in the US court system that says that an applicant can intervene in one of two situations. Either a) the applicant has the right to intervene when a federal statute gives the applicant the right to intervene unconditionally or b) the applicant can intervene ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence for intervening?

The UN often sends troops for the purpose of intervening in civil wars, such as the one on the island of Cyprus.

What rhymes with intervene?

Clean, phene, dream, beam, mean,dean,team, queen, king, bling,sting, obscene, routine, unforeseen, between, green, extreme, scream, scheme, steam, self-esteem, lean, teen, bean, seen, gene, gleam, ream, stream,

Why did foreign powers intervene in Mexico?

Mexico is a large country (ranked 15th largest in the world) with plenty of natural resources and lands apt for many kinds of crops. For instance, it is the largest producer of silver and its cultivable area is slightly larger than the whole United Kingdom. Therefore, many foreign powers sought t ( Full Answer )

What is the synonym for intervened?

The verb intervene has the synonyms intercede, or occur. 1 occur, happen, take place, arise, crop up, come about; literary come to pass, befall, betide. 2 intercede, involve oneself, get involved, interpose oneself, step in; mediate, referee; interfere, intrude, meddle, interrupt.

Why did the US intervene in the Philippines?

The problems between the United States and the Philippines began as a part of the Spanish American War that can be considered an extension of the Cuban War of Independence. The US urge for expansion in this period was promoted by big business and the newspaper industry and political stability was th ( Full Answer )

What is intervened?

Intervened means to have become involved in something in a way thatcould change the outcome in the past.

What are intervening electrons?

The electrons which are present in the inner orbits relative to an electron in the outer orbit and hence they cause the shielding effect for the outer electron. The word intervening literally means to come between so as to interrupt.

Why do prophets intervene?

A: Scholars define a prophet as an individual bearer of charisma, who by virtue of his mission proclaims a religious doctrine or divine commandment. Hebrew prophets claimed to be the instrument for the proclamation of God and his will. However, Robert P. Carroll ( The World of Ancient Israel: Socio ( Full Answer )

What does intervenning mean?

The word intervention means to get involve in anotherÕs affairs. The word intervening is the act of intervention. If you are getting involved in someone else situation you are intervening.

Where have the united nations ever intervened?

Yes, but not in developed nations. (I.e. England, Australia, Netherlands, etc.) They've just started helping Congo, South Sudan and Libya recently. You can easily Google a list of their interventions and peace keeping missions. "United Nations interventions" will bring up both.

How do humans intervene with weathering and erosion?

Well on the beaches there's smalls sand dunes and they say not to step on them, that's cause for deposition to make a sand dune takes long time and when someone steps on them thy are destroyed the sand dune i hope this :D

How do you intervene in a federal court case?

I'm not sure what you mean by 'intervene'. If you mean, become a party to the case, you would have to have some reason to do so. For example, if two people were suing over ownership of a piece of property and you figure out it's really yours, then you might have grounds to intervene. The court would ( Full Answer )

Why did China intervene in the Korean War when they did?

The U.N. and South Korean forces were taking over North Korea and China was fearful of the loss of a communist ally and of invasion. China entered the war on North Korea's side and aided their survival.

What is a sentence with the word intervened?

Examples: 1. The teacher intervened in the quarrel between the two students and made them realize the importance of respecting each other. 2. The retired soldier was beaten up as he intervened in the rioting mob in the street.

Why government intervene into economy?

goverment may intervene into economy because: (i)tom provide or subsdizing provision of merits goods ii to redestribute the wealth between the society iii)to influence the what is consumed and what is provided in theeconomy iv)to persue the macroecomic policy objective,notably the economicgrowth.ful ( Full Answer )

Why did China intervene in the Korean War?

They were afraid that the advancing UN forces would not stop at theborder but follow the fleeing North Korean forces into China, thusinvading China.