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Not invented is non-fiction.

And part invented, slightly exaggerated, deviating off the truth, but still with historic backgrounds is called a 'legend'.

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Who invented the plot of a story?

Nobody invented it. Plot means what happens in the story. You can't have a story without a plot.

Who invented the double story house?

William E. Bell invented the two story house.

What is an invented story?


An invented story?


How bread was invented and what's the story behind?

bread is invented to eat

Why was horrid Henry invented?

He wasn't invented; it's a story about your life.

What is called the story of a film?

i believe the story of a film is called the story

Who invented the story of Medusa?

the Greeks

Who invented the one story house?

It is very difficult to say who invented the one story house. This is because its invention predates our records.

What is the lessson of a story called?

It is called the moral of the story.

A story that is handed down from the past is called a?

Legend. It started in the middle ages invented them and we still have some of there stories. today

What term means an invented story?


Who invented pottasium?

it was invented by a man called P.I.Staker and a man called liangcheng yu. And it wasn't invented, it was discovered.

What is a person in a story called?

A person in a story is called a character.

What is the peak of a story called?

The peak of a story is called the CLIMAX.

What is the purpose of a story called?

The purpose of a story is called the subject.

What was the first CGI movie invented?

Toy Story was the first CGI movie invented.

What is an invented word called?

A new invented word or expression is called a Neologism.

What is something that was invented called?

Something that has been invented is normally called an invention.

When was drama first invented?

Drama was first invented by the Greeks as early as 500 B.Sc. It was a form of story telling that involved actors creating a story on stage.

What is the moral or lesson of a story called?

It is called the moral of the story.

what the end of the conflict in a story is called?


What is the lesson of a story called?

The lesson in a story is called the moral.

What is Toy Story 4 being called?

Toy Story 4 will be called Toy Story 4

What is a legend story?

a legend story is a story that is a not true story the teller only invented it to now the good manner. that's all that I now sorry :)