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An open interview is an interveiw with questions that can't just be answered with a yes or a no, it is open for discussion, hence the name "open interview" like okay here are examples: say you're giving an interview right, and you ask "Do you like what you do?" or something like that and the person you asked responds "Yes, I do." See not much discussion there, then you ask him/her "What about it do you like?" And he/she responds like "Well I like that I work with people, and the pays good, but most of all I love helping people, which is why I became what I am, or did what I did, you see when I was a little boy/girl I loved to help as many people as I could." See the difference a lot of conversation options there. All an open interview is, is a interview that is open to discussion, not just question after question after question.

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Q: What is an open interview?
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You should dress in a business casual fashion to an ordinary open interview. If an open interview is for a prestigious position you should wear formal clothing.

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no or else that will be rude

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I just went to an open interview in New York and they did oral drug test right after your interview.

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open ended question could also be multipli choice, yes or no?

Which of the following should an individual NOT do during an interview?

open a discussion about political topics.

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What part of speech is interview?

Interview is a noun (an interview) and a verb (to interview).

Advantage unstructured interview?

People are more likely to open up and give more in-depth answers during an unstructured interview. They also provide the people who are being interviewed with time to really think about their answers.

What is the verb of interview?

To interview, I interview, he interviews, I interviewed.

Define interview and its different types?

interviewing is conversation with a uses all the forms of communication.i,e writing,speaking and listening. types of the interview: 1.job interview. 2.information interview. 3.diagnostic interview. 4.survey interview. 5.exit interview. interview. 7.counselling interview. 8.vocational interview. 9.disciplinary interview. 10.persasive interview.

Is the word interview a noun and a verb?

Yes. I am going to interview him. This is interview as a verb. The interview went well. This is interview used as a noun. Sostas

What type of interview is a pair interview?

i am fresher, teachers interview.

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What are the types of interview format used by the HRM during the hiring process?

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