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What is an open title on a used car?


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An open title on a used car is when someone skips an assignment on the back of the title. This can create many problems. You want to make sure that the car you are buying has a clear title. A Clear Title means there are no issues with the title.

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An open title on a used car is when the title of the car is signed by the seller and handed over to an individual. This means the title is free from the previous owner, but not officially signed over to anyone specific.

When the owner of a car signs the title, it becomes and open title, and the holder of the title is the owner of the car. When selling a vehicle, the owner should not sign the title until they have the money because if the buyer has possession of the open title and the vehicle, they can clam ownership.

A new car yes, but a used car no. You would first need to apply for a title.

If it is paid off, see your local DMV.

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you owe somebody money and your car was used as collateral

Ask to see the title of the car... the seller must sign over the title to sell the car. The financing bank will hold the title until a loan is paid off, at which time the title transfers to the owner as proof the car is paid off.

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You DON'T have the title if you have used as collateral, remember, you signed it over to the them.....Yes, they can get the vehicle

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The car title proves ownership. You cannot sell a or register a car without a title.

Assuming you used the car's title to guarantee the loan - IF you fail to repay the loan, they can repossess your car ANY time they want to ! The title of the car remains the property of the loan company until you repay your debt.

Yes. That's why the credit union has possession of the title. If you used the car as collateral for a loan and default on the loan the lender will take possession of the car and sell it to offset what you owe on the loan.

You cannot "sell" a car without the title because the title is proof of ownership. Without the title the buyer can't register and insure the car.

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The tax on a used vehicle in Pennsylvania is 6 percent. The cost to transfer the title on a used car purchase is $22.50.

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