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It is called an ear.

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Which sense organ contains the drum?

The ear contains the ear drum.

What type or organ system contains skin?

The skin is actually an organ system called the integumentary system. Like all organ systems, it contains more than one organ.

What organ contains the dermis?

The skin is the organ that contains the dermis.

What is the coiled part of the ear that contains the organ of hearing called?


What organ contains structures called villi?

Trachea, intestines, kidney.

What sense organ has a drum?

The ear.

What organ contains villi?

The organ that contains the villi is the small intestine.

What is an organ that contains receptor cells called?

A sensory organ. Sensory organs: skin, nose, tongue, ear and eyes.

What is a small organ that contains light-sensitive pigments that detect changes in the quality and intensity of light?

That organ is called an eye.

What contains the plant sperm?

. The male reproductive organ in an angiosperm is called the stamen. It contains pollen which houses the gametophytes (sperm) and are found in sacks called anthers.

How many gallons of water in a drum?

One gallon drum if full contains one gallon. A forty gallon drum when full contains 40 gallons.A 1000 litre drum, when full contains 1000 litres.Etc, etc.Mise Le Meas.

What is organ that contains acid and breaks down food called?

You are probably referring to the stomach.

What is the drum stick called?

The drum stick... is called the drum stick... What do you mean?

Which organ system contains your organ?

The genitourinary system.

What organ contains the heart?

The heart is an organ in and of itself.

What plant organ contains xylem?

plant organ

What is the top of the drum called?

It is called the top part of a drum

What Part of the ear known as the organ of hearing?

The Ear Drum.

What organ system contains your eyes?

Sensory organ system

Which organ contains the brain?

The brain is an organ contained in the skull.

What is the centre drum in a drum kit called?

bass drum

What is the drum head called?

The technical term for the head of a drum IS drum head. If there is another term i do not know it.

Which organ system contains the retina?

The eye contains the Retina

Which organ contains root hair tissue?

the skin can be considered an organ.

Is eye a tissue or a organ?

It is an organ as it contains several types of tissue.

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