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An organism is any living thing.

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What is An orginism that supports a virus or other orginism?

A host.

Is moving fragments of DNA from one orginism and inserting them into another orginism?


Is an ecosystem the same as an adaptation?

No. Ecosystem is where the orginism lives. Adaptation is something about the orginism that helps it survive.

What is the first orginism that devolped?


What is orginism?

a part of the human body

What is an orginism that makes its own food?

A producer

Organelle that is the contol center for the orginism?

the nucleus

An orginism that makes its own food is an?


What animal is a singular cell orginism?


An orginism that make food by photosynthesis is called what?

a plant

What is all of the DNA in one cell of an orginism?


Is heat an organism?

no! no! no! an orginism is a living thing, heat is not living

An orginism made of fungus and green algae or cyanobacteria?


What is the difference between a plant cell and an orginism?

same ting

What is a derived trait?

A derived trait is a trait that is new to an orginism

What is it called when a characteristic enables an orginism to live and reproduce succesfully?


Which orginism is the better suited for total genetic transformation?

Single cell.

Where is DNA located in the cell of a eukaryotic orginism?

The DNA in a eukaryotic organism is located in the nucleus.

Why is the cell the basic unit of a living orginism?

Because living organisms are made of cells.

What on a living orginism is used to harm or kill another one especially in farming enviornments?


What is biological Evoloution?

Evoloution is when a single orginism develops over time to become a different species.

What do scientists do when a newly discovered organism does not fit any exsisting category?

try to change the orginism

Where is the most of the chemical energy stored in a living orginism?

It is stored in different particles and layers of the organism.

What orginism does cellular respiration take place in?

Mostly animals and some plants/fungi that are germinating

Is the sun living and why?

No it is not living. It lacks one vital quality of a living orginism. The ability to reproduce.