What is an ultrasound probe?


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a under water speaker that emits ultrasound

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Endorectal ultrasound (ERUS) is a procedure where a probe is inserted into the rectum and high frequency sound waves (ultrasound waves) are generated

Ultrasound waves are best transmitted through an aqueous (water based) solution. Oils are not recommended as they can corrode the delicate membrane of the ultrasound probe. Do not clean your ultrasound probe with alcohol as this can damage it also.

The cylinder-shaped ultrasound probe is gently placed in the rectum as the patient lies on his left side with the knees bent. The probe is rocked back and forth to obtain images of the entire prostate.

A small probe is placed in the rectum, and sound waves are released from the probe. These sound waves bounce off the prostate tissue and an image is created.

A specially designed transducer probe can be placed in the vagina to provide better ultrasound images. This transvaginal or endovaginal scan is particularly useful in early pregnancy or in cases where ectopic pregnancy is suspected.

it transmits the sound waves from the probe to the skin to be more specific - Ultrasound waves travel very poorly through air....even the little bit that would be present between the probe and the skin when it is dry. The gel lets the waves transmit from the probe to the skin, and thus the tissues beneath. That is why ultrasound can be applied to many different areas of the body; except the lungs. (full of air)

An ultrasound technician uses an ultrasound machine to product images of tissues and organs. An ultrasound machine includes transducer probe, a central processing unit, a monitor, a keyboard with control knobs, disk storage devices and a printer.

The ultrasound probes are being used to check the uterus for the women and prostate glands for men. They emit sound waves which would then come back to register the sonography of the organs.

In men, transrectal scans, where the probe is placed in the rectum, are done to check the prostate.

Specific setup to a set of parameter is what makes the specialized probe special. But measuring the surface of metrology for ultrasound wouldn't work.

The definition is a test in which a doctor injects salt water (saline) into the cavity of the uterus, and an ultrasound probe placed in the vagina obtains images. The technique obtains more detailed images of the uterine cavity than does ultrasound alone. Also referred to as. (nasty huh?)

Typically, the technologist will smear a jelly over the woman's stomach, then place a probe on her stomach and watch the images appear on a computer screen.

Doppler captures the sound as the echoes bounce off of moving blood in the carotid artery, giving some indication of the amount of blockage as the ultrasound probe moves up and down the arteries on each side of the neck

The computer processor in the ultrasound machine calculates the angle at which the sound beam left the probe and the angle and speed at which the beam is reflected back at the probe. From this the depth of the reflecting tissue and the shape can be determined based upon simple triagulation, which is a trignometric calculation.

Probe,probe se 2.0 / probe gt 2.5

Ultrasound is ultrasound. The question cannot be answered. You must specify what you need to do with your ultrasound.

The population of Gen-Probe is 1,300.

What is a abdominal ultrasound?

This procedure is conducted by a doctor with the assistance of a technologist skilled in operating the equipment. The probe is moved around the abdomen to obtain different views of the target areas. The patient will likely be asked to.

An ultrasound technician, for one. Doctors should be qualified to work with the ultrasound machinery.

Its a probe that has to do with temperature

A cart which a/an ultrasound is placed

the ultrasound was invented in california.

ultrasound hepatobiliary system

Space probe is a station.

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