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What is ancient Chinese writing?

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calligraphy or traditional Chinese text, has been used for centuries, and the technique on how to paint or write the symbols was passed on through generations. Students who attend school there are expected to learn thousands of characters by the time they pass to middle school. This style has been the same since ancient times, but an improved, easy-to-use version of calligraphy, called simplified Chinese, in now taught and popular, because its easier to draw. This is used in most computer-based texts.

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Who wrote ancient Chinese writing?

Chinese people

How is the ancient Chinese writing systems different from cuneiform and hieroglyphic writing?

The ancient Chinese system because it is not an alphabetic script.

Describe the writing system used by the ancient Chinese?

ancient Chinese writng is a bunch of lines to make words

What are the different types of writing for ancient china?

# Tradtional Chinese # Simplified Chinese

Ancient Chinese writing why did they organize their writing I’m blocks?

What did ancient Chinese use paper and ink for?


How was the ancient Chinese writing system different from cuneiform and hieroglyphic writing?

Chinese writing was more complex and people could actually figure out the language,while people could

How do you write ancient china in Chinese writing?

go on on google translate

What is the purpose of ancient chinese writing?

To communicate by transmission and also providing a record of it.

What did ancient Chinese study?

Astronomy. art, writing, martial arts, aesthetics.

What do Chinese people use to write?

Ancient Chinese use writing brush,but now they use pencil and pen too.

How does this piece of art reflect ancient Chinese culture?

It reflects important tools and beliefs used in Chinese art and writing.

Why is early Chinese writing important?

because current Chinese writing came from early Chinese writing

What name is given to the ancient Chinese art of writing with a brush in ink on special paper?

I believe that it is calligraphy

What technology was developed during the Songhai empire?

paper, fish nets, and writing in hierogliphycs Writing is an Ancient Egyptian/Chinese invention. Hieroglyphics were used in Ancient Egypt which came before the Songhai empire.

What do you call the Chinese writing form?

Han or Chinese Writing

Why is Chinese Writing is important?

Because I am not sure

Describe the system of writing used ancient China?

The Chinese use logograms - where a symbol represents a meaning or a word.

What is 'writing' when translated from English to Chinese?

"writing" in Chinese is "写(xiě) ".

How japan got there culture?

Most of it was because of the Chinese. They have many things similar to Chinese people, like their writing. Research Ancient China and it will give you some info. =]

What is the difference between Chinese and cuneiform writing?

chinese writing uses logographs

Ancient Chinese Houses?

Ancient chinese houses were centers of government

How do ancient Chinese preserve dead bodies?

the ancient chinese helped

How is the Chinese writing system different from the Egyptian writing system?

what are the difference between the chinese writing system and the egyptian writing system

Is avatar Chinese?

I believe it is ancient Chinese, of friend of mine once told be that there were some very Tibetian attributes to it, for example the writing isn't modern, and it the letters they use in Tibet