What is and how do you fix a runner error which says runner file name updates from HPexe lack the app id separator?

What your computer is doing is trying to download some sort of updates for a Hewlett Packard product.If you have recently added a new piece of hardware (Printer, fax etc.) or a new program (Game, software etc.) then there is probably some sort of conflict going on between two programs. Delete whatever was the most recent and see if you still keep getting this error. If the last thing you added to your computer was the "HP" product in question, uninstall it. Then double check that your PC meets the system requirements needed to run whatever it is that you want to add. Then try to reinstall it and pay close attention to the instructions on installation. Hope this helps you.


This error message probably occurred, because a spyware removal application incorrectly detected the Updates from HP/Compaq Connections client software (developed by BackWeb Technologies), as spyware and improperly removed it. Since only part of the client software was removed, it cannot fully load when Windows starts and the error message above displays.

Uncheck the Updates from HP or HP Updates or Compaq Connections entry from the startup tab of MSCONFIG window.Perform these steps to launch MSCONFIG window.Click on Start->RunType MSCONFIG in the open boxClick Ok

Click on the startup tabUncheck the entry listed as Updates from HP or HP Updates or Compaq ConnectionsClick Apply and Close

The system would be required to restart after perfoming the steps and on restart, in the System Configuration Utility window, click Do Not Show this Message > Click Yes.

Then, visit the below website to download a third party uninstaller utility to remove Updates from HP or HP Updates or Compaq Connections listed. This would fix the issue completely.


Click on the save button when prompted and save it onto the desktopDouble click on the downloaded icon and follow the onscreen steps to install it.

Follow these steps after installation, launch the Ace utilities programClick on Optimize buttonClick on Uninstall ManagerSelect the program you want to uninstall and Click on remove option