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What is another name for Japanese immigrant?

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What is a name for a Japanese immigrant?


A person left japan to start a life in china is a person an immigrant or an emigrant?

Both. An Immigrant is one who migrates to another country; They would be a Japanese immigrant

What is an American-born Japanese called?

An American born Japanese is called "Nikei America-jin" However, this question could also be referring to generations: Issei = First Generation Japanese, one who has immigrated to another country Nisei = Second Generation Japanese, the child of a Japanese immigrant Sansei= Third Generation Japanese, the grandchild of a Japanese immigrant Yonsei= Fourth Generation Japanese, the great-grandchild of a Japanese immigrant

What Latin American country has the largest community of immigrant Japanese resides is?

Brazil, with a population of 1.5 million immigrant Japanese

What do you call a Japanese immigrant?


What is the name of a person who begins a new life in another country?

An immigrant.

Can an immigrant get another sponsor while in US?

An immigrant can get another sponsor if the sponsor if the immigrant is on H1B. But the new sponsor need to file a new H1B for the immigrant.

Is Jackie Chan a Japanese immigrant?

No. He is Chinese.

What is the name of a person who is born in another country and becomes a citizen of the US?

ANSWER: An immigrant

What is another name for a Japanese singalong?


What is another name for Japanese money?


How would you define immigrant?

an immigrant is someone that comes from another country

Who were the Issei?

A Japanese immigrant, especially one to the United States.

Another name for sailor?

Senshi = Sailor (Japanese)

What is another name for Acupressure a Japanese healing therapy?

Another name, but exactly the same modality, is Shiatsu.

What are immigrant possessions?

Immigrant possessions would be whatever an immigrant - a person moving from one country to another to stay - is bringing with them.

Does an immigrant come into a country or leave?

An immigrant is a person who comes from one country into another. An emmigrant leaves one country for another.

What is another name for Japanese porcelain?

Kutani, Imari, or Arita.

What is another name for Japanese Americans?


How do you spell the name Becky in another language?

Japanese: ベッキー

Difference between immigrant and emigrant?

Immigrant is a person going Into a country, Emigrant is a person Exiting his or her previous country. So for example, if I moved from the US to Japan, I would be a US emigrant, but a Japanese immigrant

What does immigrant mean?

Immigrant1. An immigrant is a person who migrates from another country, usually for permanent residence.2. An organism found in a new habitat

One who lives in another country?

An immigrant.

Someone who moves to another country is an?


What is another name for a Japanese dancing girl?

舞姫, Maihime