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FICA, the abbreviation for Federal Insurance Contribution Act, also known as Social Security.

Social Security is also known as Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI), although retirement and survivors' benefits are only a portion of the SSA's obligations.

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Q: What is another name for Social Security?
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Another name for Social Security Taxes?


What is another name for fica?

Social Security Taxes

What is another name for the Social Security system?


Can you use your sons social security number for employment if you have the same name?

Absolutely not. If you do not have a social security number, then you have to mention such in the job application. Use of another person's social security is fraud, and can be punishable by legal action.

How do you find out a social security number by name?

how to find deceased social security number

Can you use a social security card that has your divorced name and use it to apply for a driver's license?

It is no longer possible to have a driver's license in one name and a social security card in another name. You must change your name on one or the other so that they agree. You can use an original of your divorce decree as proof of name change.

Where can I found a social security?

Some businesses offer Social Security name changes or cards for a fee. Social Security provides those services and more for free. Do not pay for something we will give you free. Social Security is the best place to get information about Social Security.

If the name on your social security card is spelled different from your birth certificate will that prevent you or cause any complications?

Yes, it can. The best thing to do is to contact the Social Security Office and have the name corrected on your Social Security Office records. This can be a process that takes a long time. Sometimes it is easier to have a persons name legally changed to match the name on the Social Security Number.

Do they take taxes out of your social security check?

Only if you ask them to. In most cases, social security is not taxable so there is no reason to withhold taxes on your social security check. If you are working another job and collecting social security at the same time, it is possible to earn enough money that a portion of your social security will become taxable. If that happens, you may want to consider withholding some tax from your social security but in most cases it is not necessary.

Will your social security benefits be affected if you draw unemployment in Ohio?

No. Your Social Security benefits and unemployment compensation will not affect one another.

How do you get someone's social security number?

As an individual you have no right to obtain another person's social security number. You would need to ask them for it.

What impact does moving to another state have on receiving back money from social security disablity?

None; Social Security is a Federal program.

Is your officially legal name on your social security card or your drivers license because my social security card has my first married name I never changed it when I married again.?

What the deal is, my social security card has my first husbands name on it and my drivers license has my second husbands name on it. I never changed to my second husband's name with social security. Now, my second husband and I are divorcing and I want to change it back to my first husband's name, like is on my social security card, because my first husband and I are dating and plan on remarrying. HELP! At work, I go by my second husband's name, but the IRS and Social Security still have me as my first married name. What should I do? I live in Louisiana.

Is there money in your name tied to your social security number at your access?

You cannot access your social security entitlement until you are eligible to collect social security. Then the people who are working will fund your entitlement.

Can you get another social security card with different number?


Can you live in another country and get social security?


Can you change your name and social security number?

Yes you can get you name changed by going to the court house and showing that you want to change you name. The only way you can change your social security number is if there has been identity theft but you can change your name on a social security card without change the number at any time

How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

How to obtain drivers license number by name address and social security number?

How do you transfer your social security from one state to another?

To get your social security benefit payment amount sent to you at your correct address or state you should contact your local social security office to make sure that this is done correctly.

How can you find out if a Social Security number belongs to the right person?

You can verify if a name matches with a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration.

Do you change social security number after you get your marriage license?

No; the Social Security number you are first assigned is yours for life. The only thing you need is your name changed on your social security...the add your new surname

How is a social security form filled out?

A social security form is filled out by filling out the appropriate questions. These questions include your full name, date of birth, place of birth, your address and your social security number.

How do you get my social security number now?

give me my social security numbers now online with only my name&home address

Is Social Security a proper noun?

Yes, Social Security is a proper noun, it is the name of a government agency and a citizens' insurance program.

Can a company copy a social security card?

Per the IRS website it states: You are required to get each employee's name and Social Security Number (SSN) and to enter them on Form W-2. (This requirement also applies to resident and nonresident alien employees.) You should ask your employee to show you his or her social security card. The employee may show the card if it is available. You may, but are not required to, photocopy the social security card if the employee provides it. Record each new employee's name and social security number from his or her social security card