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What is another name for a bruise caused by a blunt force that damages blood vessels in muscle tissue?

Another word for a bruise from blunt force is a contusion.

What is another name for a bruise which is caused by a blunt force that damages blood vessels in muscle tissue?


What is another name for bruise which is caused by blunt force that damages blood vessels in the muscle tissue?


What is another name for a bruise which is caused by a blunt force that damage blood vessels in muscle tissue?


What is a heamatoma?

a bruise or a welt caused by broken blood vessels.

What happened underneath the skin when you have a bruise?

The discoloration under the skin shown by a bruise is caused by the rupture of small blood vessels and escape of blood into the tissue.

How do you get rid of a hickey?

A hickey is a bruise caused by suction breaking small blood vessels under the skin. There is nothing that will get rid of it. The bruise will clear on its own. Makeup will cover it.

What damages were caused by World War 1?

what is another name for war damages?

How do you use the word bruise in a sentence?

The blow caused a bruise on his arm

Can a bruise be caused by micro organisms?


If you are at fault for an accident does your insurance company get billed for the damages of the other person in the accident?

Yes,, That's what it's for. It pays for damages you caused to another.

Is a bruise caused by microorganisms?

No, a bruise or contusion is caused by direct force that breaks small capillaries. You can run into a table leg, and bruise your shin. You can fall and bruise your wrist. If the injury involves trauma or fracture, the bruising can be large and look quite ugly.

What are damages caused by thunderstorms?

many damages that r caused by thunderstorms are power failure and floods also can damages cars and properties to

What causes a bruise?

It is caused by a bunch of broken blood vesseles, causing the color of a bruise to change.

Why has your puppy got yellow looking spots on his eyeballs?

The yellow spots are caused from tiny blood vessels that have ruptured (a bruise) The blood is starting to break down and is being reabsorbed by the body. So it's like a bruise where at first it is blue, then green, then yellow then back to normal only because the vessels of the eye are so superficial it would be red then yellow.

Discoloration caused by a bruise?


What r the damages caused by flood?

Electronic shops , cars , houses .etc. are the damages caused by flood.

Who is responsible for damages caused by a juvenile?

Legal parents or legal guardians are responsible for the damages caused by their juvenile.

Do surgical retractors cause contusions?

Of course, any surgical incision or surgical equipment used on the body can cause bruising. The physiology of how a bruise forms remains the same, no matter how the bruise is caused. It will always be an injury to small blood vessels that bleed into surrounding tissues. Even though the body clots the blood, the bruise has already begun but may not be visible for 24 hours.

Are contusion and blunt trauma the same?

A contusion is a bruise. Blunt trauma would likely refer to how the contusion how the bruise was caused.

What is contusion and what caused contusion?

contusion is also callled as bruise.

How Is A Bruise Caused?

Bleeding under the skin (internal bleeding)

What refers to the bruise caused by blunt trauma to the skin?


What damages has the stromboli volcano caused?

It hasn't caused any damage.

Is a bump on your head caused from a bruise supposed to pop like a pimple?