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Sometimes in Europe they are called "jacket potatoes" because they are served in the skin or "jacket".

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Q: What is another name for baked potatos when served with steak?
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What was John Wayne's favorite meal?

Steak and potatos

What should steak tartar be served with?

Chopped onion, capers, chopped egg and toast points. freshly baked rolls or bagette stick

What is a Roll Steak?

A roll steak is a fairly thin steak that is stuffed with ingredients then rolled and baked. Is this what you are talking about?

How many calories in a steak and baked potato?

That depends on the type of steak, the size of the steak, the size of the baked potato and whether or not you add butter or toppings to the baked potato. For the calorie content of steak by weight and type, and the calorie content of baked potato by weight or size, please see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What is some of cambodias physical features?

it is potatos mack and cheese and steak with kool-aid!11

How many different ways to cook steak?

Steak ca be fried, grilled, broiled, baked, stewed, and boiled as part of a soup.

What is the meaning of main duish?

The main dish of a meal is the primary food accompanied by side dishes. An example would be steak and baked potato and coleslaw. Steak is the main dish; baked potato and coleslaw are the sides.

What type of whine should be served with steak?

The best wine to serve with steak is definitely cabernet sauvignon.

What food goes well with steak?

Salad, baked potato, rolls, red wine.

What is the name of thick steak that is served with mushrooms and onions?


What was the first dinner that Bella cooked for Charlie?

umm.. im not 100% but i think it was steak and potatoes...=] yep, she broiled the steak and baked the potatoes in the oven

What goes well with steak?

I heard of salad and baked potatoes. A good marinade can be made of red wine, garlic, black pepper and cloves. This can then be flashed in the pan and reduced as the steak is standing. Mushroom sauce is another easy thing to make as is Dianne sauce. They both will enhance the great flavours of a good steak.

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