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differentially abled they used to call them "idiot savants" but because of political correctness and sensitivity they shorten the term to "savants" which comes from french for wise

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Q: What is another name for disabled but talented people?
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Another name for skillful?

I think 'gifted' is another word for skillful. Or possibly 'talented.

What is another name for disabled?

A generalized name for someone who is disabled is also called handicapped; a great uplifting twist on this phrase can be used - handiCAPABLE.

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Another name for workforce is the working population. So workforce is, in fact, all those people in paid employment and also those who are unemployed (e.g. pupils, students, disabled people etc.).

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What is the name of Uganda's State Minister for the Elderly and Disabled?

The name of Uganda's State Minister for the Elderly and Disabled is Sulaiman Madada.

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it mean talented mashallah that is my name

What is the name of the games held for disabled athlete?

The Paralympic Games are held for disabled athletes.

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talented, amazing

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THe name Zaheen means talented.(my name is irin)

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The name for white people is "Caucasian"

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name for a talented pianist

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Short people have been called little people as well. Another name for short people is midgets. Small people is also a name that short people have been referred as.

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Another name for the northern star people is Polaris

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the name Anevia is a portuguese name that means unique and talented.

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Yes, the chosen people or 'God's chosen people', as said in the Bible, are another name for the Israelites. -S.M.M. ;)

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English people

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Elevators are useful for people that are physically disabled or for babies in strollers.

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beautiful and talented

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Very Bold and Talented

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We the People