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What is another name for football?


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another name for football is soccer.

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Another name for the actual football, is pigskin. But i don't know another name for the actual game.

Names for Football.Association football, soccer, socca, Futebol, fussball. There are many other, but the official name is football.Association football is know simply as football, or, in the U.S., soccer.

Patella is another name for kneecap.

Basically, because it was invented. If football was different, it might have another name, different teams, etcetera.

It's another name for football, a sport.

It is called AFL (Australian Football League) and us aussies call it footy.

perhaps, if it is a shortened version of gridiron.

Wiesn would be another name for Oktoberfest.

Football, The United states of America is the only country that calls Soccer, soccer. All of the other countries call it football.

American football evolved from rugby, soccer and other sports that were, at the time, all called "football." American football simply never obtained another name (as opposed to rugby and soccer) in the country that created it.

The other name of the football player called Jijo is Joseph. Jijo Joseph is a 21 year old Indian midfielder. He won the best footballer award in 2013.

who invented football game name them

It is actually spelled FOOTBALL not futbol and Americans and Canadians call it that because that's what we decided to name it. Plus we have another sport called football so that name was all ready taken

yes There is a football team in Buffalo called the Buffalo Bills. This might be what you are thinking of.

AFL Footy Best Sport in the world easily what ever you want :)

Albion is another name for Great Britain, thus the club in named after Britain.

American football - touchdown worldwide football(soccer) - goal

what is the name of the person that invinted football

The official name for football is of course football.The football association is where the nicknames assoc or socca come from, as rugby union is often called rugger. These are nicknames and not the official names.YesAnswerSoccer is another name for Association football. The word Soccer started as a phonetically abbreviated vernacular word for Association football coined by English public school students who took the 'soc' from 'Association' and put an 'er' on the end. The same students called Rugby football 'Rugger' but this word has largely fallen out of use. Typically 'an Oxford University student who played Association football and Rugby football' would be described as "an Oxforder who plays Soccer and Rugger". This is why prior to 1863 the word Soccer did not exist.

One football player whose name is also an animal is linebacker, A.J. Hawk. Another example is Bront Bird, who is also a linebacker.

It comes from Association Football. It was shortened to assoc. Then this was changed to soccer. It isn't called football in the U.S because they already had another sport with the same name.

football got its name because people just kept kicking a ball with their foot so it became FOOTBALLWhat type of football, the football in the middle east or in america?

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