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Another name for southern soldiers in the Civil War is "Johnny Rebs."

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That name was given to the southern soldiers in the Civil War.But also is a old person who died for he right of going to stop them from shoting because it was over!

Confederates - or Johnny Reb.

Southern soldiers of the Confederacy were often called "rebels" as they were rebelling against the Union.

Southern Ocean is another name

Another name for the South during the Civil War was the confederacy

For foot soldiers you can say grunts. Fighters, Militas.

Having a very Southern side to our family, we learned a song called "Goober Peas" growing up. My Grandmother said that they were really boiled peanuts. It would seem that at times during the Civil War, that's about all CSA soldiers had to eat.

The common name for civil servant is known as "bureaucrat".

The Confederate soldiers were also called "rebels". Another nickname was "Johnny Reb".

Another one is "the Southern Land" "The land down under" "the Southern State"

Another name used for the area of southern Asia is Indochina.

Another name for the Civil war Amendments is the Civil Rights Movement. The amendments are 13, 14, and 15.

Another name for the Civil War was "The War of Rebellions".

Employees of the government. Another name is public servants.

The southern side was known as the Confederates.

Another name for confederates during the American Civil war was rebels.Yankees was another.

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the answer is mediterranean Europe

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