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The local nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge is "The coathanger", due to its distinctive arched shape.


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The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is not named after any person. It was given that name because it crosses Sydney Harbour, which is the body of water upon which the city of Sydney was built.

because it's in Sydney and it's over the harbour and its a bridge It's the bridge that spans across Sydney Harbour. It got the nickname "the coat hanger" because it resembles an old-fashioned coat hanger

Yes, the compound noun "Sydney Harbour Bridge" is a proper noun, the name of a specific structure in Sydney, Australia.A proper noun is always capitalized.

It does not really have a name, but is known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is also nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of the shape of the arch like design.

The Story Bridge in Brisbane and the Sydney Harbour Bridge were both designed by the same engineer: JCC Bradfield. In fact, both sections of road upon which he Story Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are designated the name "Bradfield Highway", despite being thousands of kilometres apart, and deset being amongst the shortest highways in the world.

the Sydney Harbour Bridge is colloquially known as the coathanger because of its high arch and vague resemblance to an older style coathanger.

Port Jackson can be the other name for Sydney . Port Jackson containing Sydney Harbour can be stated as the natural harbour of Sydney .It is used during the New Years Eve Fireworks and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Sydney is known as two things, 1. a name and 2. a place. 1. The name Sydney is both a boys' name and a girls' name. 2. The city of Sydney is located in Australia. It is the largest city, and while it is the capital of New South Wales, it is not the capital of the whole country. Sydney is also home to the famous opera house that is called the Sydney Opera House, and to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Francis de Goot. He was a man in military Uniform and he rode on a horse cut the ribbon that was opening the sydney Harbour Bridge and opened it in the name of the People in New South Wales

Five things that are proper nouns are:The Statue of LibertyThe Eiffel TowerBig MacMercedes BenzSydney Harbour Bridge

I assume you refer to the distinctly shaped "Sydney Opera House", which is located on Sydney Harbour.

The Sydney Opera House - Sydney The Parliament and Old Parliament Houses - Canberra Sydney Harbour Bridge - New South Wales The Three Sisters - New South Wales The Great Barrier Reef - Southern Australia For more see

Captain Arthur Phillip named Manly Cove in Sydney Harbour. As Phillip studied the indigenous people standing, watching him, he noted in his journal "Their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place".

The Eora tribe occupied the present Sydney harbour foreshores and the Port Jackson and Botany Bay . The adjacent peoples were the Darug, Kuring-gai and Tharawal.

This has been the subject of much controversy for many years.The design of Sydney Harbour Bridge has traditionally been credited to Ralph Freeman, of England. Freeman studied civil engineering at the City and Guilds of London Institute, then joined Douglas Fox & Partners, a firm of consulting engineers specialising in the design of steel bridges. He rose to become senior partner and in 1938 the firm changed its name to Freeman Fox & Partners. Freeman was also famous for designing the Victoria Falls Bridge, completed in 1905.However, historians have determined that the real credit should go to John Bradfield, also known as JJC Bradfield. Bradfield originally proposed a suspension bridge, then a cantilever bridge, which was the first proposal accepted. After that, Bradfield turned his sights towards an arch bridge, after travelling overseas and seeing the developments in light steel which made a steel arch bridge such a possibility. Bradfield is honoured by having the 2.4 km highway that runs over the Sydney Harbour Bridge named after him. Interestingly, he also had considerable influence in the design of Brisbane's Story Bridge, and the short section of highway that runs over the Story Bridge is also named the Bradfield Highway.

The four most famous bridges in the World are: 1. The Golden Gate Bridge- San Francisco, California 2. Sydney Harbor Bridge- Sydney, Australia 3. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge- Japan 4. Tower Bridge of London- London

That would be a "trestle"

There are several harbours in the South Island, for example: Lyttleton Harbour Otago Harbour Picton Harbour

Australia is known for several things: It is an island continent.It has 99% of the world's marsupials, such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, Tasmanian devils and bilbies, just to name a few. The world's two largest monoliths, Uluru and Mt Augustus, are in Australia. It has a very high number of venomous snakes. Australia is also known for buildings such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Waitemata Harbour and Manukau Harbour

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