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if one word can be considered as a phrase then here : tranquility, serenity.

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Q: What is another phrase for peace of mind?
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What is another phrase or synonym for 'in mind'?


What does the phrase War and Peace mean?

War and peace is a phrase that has been derived from Orwell's novel 1984, meaning a society that can defend itself is a good society and a peaceful one, therefore a war at another place will bring peace to home.

What does it mean to have a peace of mind?

Peace of mind means to be able to relax.

What is another word for psychokinesis?

Another word for psychokinesis is telekinesis. A phrase that depicts both words clearly is "mind over matter", which is to say the control of material objects with the power of the mind.

What part of speech is the phrase in joy and peace?

"in joy and peace" is a prepositional phrase. in - preposition joy, peace - nouns (objects of the preposition) and - conjunction

Slogans on peace?

peace is that which comes from our mind

Is the phrase in the back of your mind or is it on the back of your mind?


Is the idiom 'piece of mind' or 'peace of mind?

The idiom is GIVE YOU A PIECE OF MY MIND -- Peace of mind means you're not worried.

When was Peace of Mind - album - created?

Peace of Mind - album - was created in 1996.

Is the correct phrase put in mind or put on mind?

Put in mind.

How do firemen act as custodians of our peace of mind?

How do firemen act as "...custodians of our peace of mind" fahrenheit 451

Where does the phrase early in the peace come from?

The phrase early in the peace comes from the Bible. It's what the angels said to the shepherds after the birth of Jesus.

What is Another phrase for another phrase?

An alternative sentence

What does the phrase peace out mean?

Peace out can mean Goodbye see you later or Later

Who sang the song with the lyrics give you some peace peace peace of mind?

Tom Jones

How do you use the phrase with this in mind?

"with this in mind" can be replaced by "therefore". and vice versa.

What actors and actresses appeared in Peace of Mind - 2006?

The cast of Peace of Mind - 2006 includes: Robert Hancock as Official

How do you measure a person's success?

Only one way.....Peace of mind, if you (they) are happy, satisfied, and truly at peace in your own mind, then you are a success.

What does the phrase two fingers in the wind mean?

The phrase two fingers in the wind applies to saying goodbye. The fingers actually stand for expressing the peace sign. Another form of this expression would be 'Chuck the deuces'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Peace of Mind - 1930?

The cast of Peace of Mind - 1930 includes: Sidney Coltham Walter Glynne

How do you say the phrase May Peace Prevail on Earth in Tibetan?

May Peace Prevail on Earth

What is Miley Cyrus favourite catch phrase?


Does blue represent peace?

In my mind, yes. :)

What is the phrase 'peace out' when translated from English to Japanese?

I do not think there is an appropriate Japanese equivalent for this phrase.

What is the phrase 'peace be with you' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Peace be with you in Indonesian is 'Semoga kedamaian menyertaimu'.