What is another word for To give approval to?

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accede, accept, accredit, acquiesce, advocate, affirm, agree, assent, authorize, back*, bless*, boost, buy, buy into, certify, charter, concur, confirm, consent, dig*, empower, encourage, endorse, establish, get behind, give go-ahead, go along with, groove*, hats off to, lap up, license, maintain, make law, make valid, mandate, okay, permit, pronounce, push for, ratify, recommend, sanction, seal, second, sign, sign off on, stump for, subscribe to, support, thumbs up*, uphold, validate
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Will your school counselor give his approval to allow you to be homeschooled if you are failing a subject?

Answer . I don't know what the laws are in the state you live in...are you sure that you need your school counselor's permission? I have never heard that before! Where I live (Indiana) it's just the parent's decision; the school or anyone there, has absolutely nothing to do with it. If they did ( Full Answer )

Can avoiding an abusive argument be giving the abuser approval for his abusive behavior?

I can speak from experience but no two relationships are the same. I agree this could spark problems for the abuser to handle but if it truly is a violent relationship then i would not advise aggravating the situation unless my bags were packed and the engine running. Most abusive relationships are ( Full Answer )

What is another word for training giving by your work?

The training that someone receives through their job could bereferred to as on-the-job training. This is sometimes called directinstruction. You also might be thinking of apprenticeship.

What is another word for giving up?

The verbal phrase 'giving up' has several meanings. Here are some one-word synonyms for some of the different meanings of 'giving up.' To admit defeat: capitulating, conceding, submitting, surrendering, quiting. To cease activity : abandoning, quiting, renouncing, stopping. To de ( Full Answer )

Can you give me another word for less than?

Synonyms for "less than" :. Less numerous : fewer. Lesser in size : smaller. Comparative : fall short of, trail, to lag (many synonyms for exceed, no true antonym)

Give another name for the unitedkingdom?

There is not another name for the United Kingdom except for the abbreviation UK.. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. People outside of the UK often get it mixed up with Great Britain and use the terms interchangably. This is wrong. Great Britain is made ( Full Answer )

Can you give your medication to another person?

Never give or take medication from another individual. Always consult a physician before taking medication. . Never give or take medication from another individual. Always consult a physician before taking medication. . Never give or take medication from another individual. Always consult a phys ( Full Answer )

What is a three-letter word of approval in French?

Oui is a three-letter word of approval in French. Specifically, the French word is an adverb. It generally translates as "yes." The pronunciation will be "wee" in French.

Give you the name of top 100 MBA collage in India which is approved by AICTE.?

TOP MBA COLLAGE Rank College Rank College Fore School of Management, New Delhi 51 Integrated Academy of Management & Tech., Ghaziabad. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi 52 ICFAI Business School , Kolkata. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad 53 RIMS Institute of Management S ( Full Answer )

Give another example of adverb?

\n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \nadverb = something that describes a verb.\n. \ne.g. (Verb = snoring)\n(Adverb used with verb = heavily snoring)\n. \nor (Verb = Kick)\n(Adverb used with verb = kick vigorously)

How do you get a girl to give you another chance?

ANSWER: Buy respecting her and get back the trust you lost from her. And if you think you are worthy of her time, make sure that everything you do will not insult and hurt her..

What is another word for give up?

Relinquish, abandon, back down, bow out, bail, cease, leave off, stop, surrender, walk out, submit, throw in the towel.

What is another word for the act of giving?

Answer First you have to know what kind of equation you have. The most common is standard form and y-intercept form. The easiest to understand is y-intercept form(In my opinion). Y-intercept form uses this formula: y=mx+b where m=slope and b=y-intercept. So if you have y=2x+5, you would solve ( Full Answer )

Give another example of limerick poem?

here is one about winter. the most wonderful time of year. involves lots of holiday cheer. so get your snow shoes. we have no time to lose. cause soon snow will be here.

Can you give birth to another species?

I suppose it's possible if the fertilized embryo was implanted in a human womb. But human immune systems can sometimes attack even human embryos... so the embryo could be killed off quite early. Interesting question.

Is the word 'approval' a verb?

No - the verb is 'approve', as in - "please approve my expenses claim". But in "my expenses claim is waiting approval", 'approval' is a noun.

How do you use the word approve in a sentence?

The word 'approve' is a verb, to agree to or accept as satisfactory; to believe that someone or something is good or acceptable. Example sentences: Did the principal approve the field trip request? Mom doesn't approve of kids out after nine o'clock on weeknights. Both houses of Congress mus ( Full Answer )

Can you give me another synonym for thrilled?

excited happy elated atingle content arouse delighted amused allured captivated charmed estatic suprised fullfilled gladdenned blown away and so on :D hhope that helps :)

Why give someone another chance?

I honestly have been through relationship drama but it all depends on what that person has done to you. . I don't think that someone deserves a second chance if they cheated on you because I've been through that and have seen many friends who've done the same and you still end up getting hurt. But ( Full Answer )

What is another name for give and take?

Other ways to say "give and take" include: . trade . reciprocal On The Lighter Side Some people would say "give and take" is the same as gifting.

What is a synonym for the word approval?

I think agreement would work fine. Others: consent, sanction, blessing, permission, recommendation, endorsement, assent, favour, respect, praise, esteem, acclaim, appreciation, admiration, applause

What is Another word for give you?

Other ways to say "give you" include: Hand me my coat, please. I gifted a handmade quilt to the church auction. The Queen said, "I bestow upon George William the title of Duke." In his Last Will and Testament, the old man bequeathed his bedstead and bedding to his eldest daughter. ( Full Answer )

Can you give me another sentence using the word possible?

Sentences using the word "possible" include: The nurse asked the woman, "Is it possible you are pregnant?" It is possible children would be late to school if the bus had to make a detour. The man was diagnosed with a disease with no possible cure. Success in life is only possible with go ( Full Answer )

What agreements are made by the president with another head of state but which do not require senatorial approval?

Only treaties have to be approved by the Senate. The President can make other agreements, accords, deals with heads of state that lack the status of a treaty. They may be made in secret and not subject to public debate such as the deals Roosevelt made with Stalin concerning the occupation of Germa ( Full Answer )

What is another term of give?

another term of give is when you refer to handing or when you receive something that person gave you so another term would be gave or handed ~ lexi :)

Can you give me another word for effectively?

It is best given in an example describing how a machine or service works. Effectively, this is how it operates - could be changed to.... Well, this is how it operates or... In actual fact, this is how it operates.

Who approves new words for French dictionary?

Each dictionary editor has his own team, and the Académie française does the same for its own dictionary. The French government tries to push some words sometimes, mostly to react against the anglicization of every day French. For instance, they requested all administrations to use "mél" fo ( Full Answer )