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What is another word for attraction?

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appeal or lure

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Another word for lust?

Physical attraction

What is another word for love that starts with an A?

attractattractionattractive- Adore

Another word for attraction?

Allure, appeal, chemistry, fascination, inclination, pull, seduction.

Is attraction proper or common noun?

The word attraction is a common noun, a word for any attraction of any kind.

Is attraction an adjective?

The word attraction is a noun.

How many pages does Another Roadside Attraction have?

Another Roadside Attraction has 400 pages.

What is another word for like?

like (verb) - enjoy, prefer - to have an attraction to another person like (adj.) - similar (used in similes, synonymous with "as")

Is there another word for gravitational pull that has the letter r for the fourth letter?

The letter R is the 4th letter in "attraction."

What is a 8 letter word for polar attraction?

Polarity is an 8 letter word for polar attraction.

What is a sentence using the word attraction?

There is a new attraction at Sea World.

What is the Kannada word for 'attraction'?

In Kannada, we would say: Aakarshane.

What is the root word of attraction?


What is verb of word attraction?


What is the base word for attraction?


Define the the word vibratory saw?

define the word attraction?

Are the Florida Keys a big attraction in Florida?

Yes they are. Disneyworld is also another large attraction.

What is the attraction of a magnet for another object?


Do atoms have strong attraction to one another?


How do you make sentences with the word attraction?

The Moon is held in place by the Earth's magnetic attraction. The average moth is doomed by it's attraction to the flame.

What is the opposite meaning of attraction word?


What is the prefix or suffix of the word attraction?

The suffix is -tion, which basically means "the action or instance of (base word)ing". Attraction is the action or instance of attracting

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word attraction?

The park has a new attraction that will bring many patrons.

What word means measur of gravitational attraction or force or gravity pulling one object toward th center of another object?

WEIGHT of the object

What is another name for Static electricity?

electromagnetic attraction

What are the tourist attraction in region VIII?

San Pedro Island is one tourist attraction in region VIII. Biri Rock formations are another tourist attraction in the area.