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Another way of saying bee pollen is bee bread. Bee pollen is full of nutrients and many health food stores carry it in capsule form so it is easy for people to get the benefits of bee pollen.

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Q: What is another word for bee pollen?
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What are the nutritional qualities in bee pollen?

Bee pollen is protein.

What animals carries pollen to other plants?

A bee would carry pollen from one plant to another

Why does a bee pollinate a flower?

They transfer pollen from one flower to another

What is process called when a bee transfers pollen to another flower?


What is another sentence with the word pollen?

I hate pollen! Pollen is annoying!!

How does a bee act as a pollinator?

Powdered pollen sticks to hairs on the bee, and is carried from one flower to another as the bee is gathering nectar.

How do bees transfer pollen to plants?

The pollen sticks to the bees' legs and when a bee lands on another flower, some of the pollen falls off.

What part of a flower does a bee rub with another flower's pollen?

The female part -- known as pistil -- is the part of a flower that a bee rubs with another flower's pollen. The original source of the pollen for the insect in question is a flower's male part, known as anther.

What is the process called when a bee tranferes pollen from one plant to another?


Is it good for the bee if it takes pollen from a flower?

It doesn't hurt the bee, if that's what you are wondering. Actually, the bee isn't trying to collect pollen at all. Bees stop on flowers to collect nectar, and the pollen clings to the fluff on their bodies. When the bee stops at another flower, the pollen from another plant is brushed onto the flower. This is one way that flowers reproduce. The nectar collected by the bee then goes on to become honey after it is taken back to the hive. So, when a bee takes pollen from a flower, it is neither good nor bad, but a neutral interaction.

What is another word for pollen?

Another word for pollen is dander. Pollen is a powder substance that is produced by flowers. It can be spread from flower to flower by the wind or insects.

What bee structure observes pollen grains?

The bee sees pollen with its eyes. It carries pollen because the pollen stick to the hind legs!

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