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What is another word of saying divide?

It is split it

What is another word for to divide into groups?

to classify (classification)

How do you divide the word another into syllables?


What is the word for the answer after you divide one number by another?


What is a word is another word for to share and it has six letters and the second last lettter is d?


What is another word for divide in math?

share, split, how many lots of

Is there another word for Separate or divide?

To unassemble, to destroy, or to take apart.

Is quotient a division word or a multiplication word?

It is a division word. The quotient is the result you get when you divide a number (dividend) by another number (divisor).

Another word for divide?

Depending on the context, the word divide has several possible synonyms including break, cut, halve, and disjoin. Other examples include detach, and cleave.

What is another word for prorate?

Distribute, divide or share, and antonyms for those words as well.

What word is for divide equally?

Bisect is the word for divide equally. It is a word for divide equally and is used in mathematics.

What is it called when you divide a word?

When you divide a word, you are separating the word into its syllables.

What does the word demarcation mean?

Drawing a line to divide one area from another. Creating a boundary.

What part of speech is the word divide?

Divide is a noun (a divide) and a verb (to divide).

What is another word for ripped that begins with the letter r?

rend means to divide into two or more pieces

Whats another word for divide-?

Separate (something) into portions and distribute a share to each of a number of people.

What do you mean bye the mean of two numbers?

The mean is another word for their average. Total them and divide by two.

Where does the word prejudice come from?

divide the word int two divide the word int two

Where do you divide in the word cookie?

You would divide the word cook-ie the way i did in the word cookie

What is another term for the Continential Divide?

The Great Divide,

What is another word for slice?

Apportion is a word for slice. Additional synonyms include carve, chop, divide, layer, piece, portion, slash and subdivide.

What is the abstract word for divide?

The word 'divide' is an abstract noun as a word for a divergence between two groups, typically producing tension or hostility, for example a cultural divide. The noun 'divide' is a concrete noun as a word for a ridge of land. The abstract noun form for the verb to divide is division.

Do you divide a one syllable word?

No, you do not divide a one-syllable word. The word is pronounced with a single stress point.

How do you divide the word army into syllables?

You divide the word army into syllables like this- arm----y

How can you divide the word howl into syllables?

The word howl only has one syllable so there is no divide.

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