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What is another word for saturate or make wet thoroughly?


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impregnate, infuse, permeate, pervade, imbue, or soak.

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Synonyms for "saturate" : permeate, pervade, imbue, or soak.

depends on sentence but try 'concentrate'?

Absolutely is another word for unconditionally. Additional synonyms include completely and thoroughly.

what word is silent in thoroughly

The word saturate to means to completely soak something. An example of the word used in a sentence would be "After falling into the river, Johns clothing was saturated with water."

A prefix is a word that is added to beginning of another word which in essence turns the word into another word. An example is the prefix un when added to the word willing it becomes unwilling.

The word 'thoroughly' means to do something completely. Say you cleaned your house from top to toe, really well, then you have cleaned it thoroughly.

Yes, the word thoroughly is indeed an adverb.An example sentence for this word is: "she thoroughly cleaned up the blood splatters and hid the body".

You just used thoroughly in a sentence, posed as a question. I don't know how to put thoroughly in a sentence. You need to clean that thoroughly. I was thoroughly incensed.

We can use thoroughly in a sentence like this:1- He learns for the exams thoroughly.

The word thoroughly means completely, totally, absolutely.

Butter has a high level of saturated fat.

Another word for the phrase 'to make sure' would be 'to ascertain'

He ran for a full hour and was thoroughly exhausted.

M_S_M_Dwhat's the answer missing letters

Another word for make is provide Fashion, design, build, construct, wage (as in 'to wage' or 'to make' war), manufacture

'a' is an idefinite artice but we cannot make another word from it.

Another word for imminent is impending but you can't make an adverb out of it.

He was thoroughly confused by the one way streets. The team thoroughly cleaned every nook and cranny of the old house.

No.. Thoroughly is though. Probably the word you are looking for

The spilled milk utterly saturated the helpless napkins scattered around.

To make laws is to legislate.

To make merry is to celebrate.

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