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Another word could be specialty or best work

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Q: What is another word for the word specialization?
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What is an example sentence with the word specialization?

You should seek professional help from someone with that specialization.

What is a Word with special meaning in a area of study?


What word means focusing on one thing?


What is a word with a special meaning in a area of study?


What is a word with a special meaning in area of study?


What is a sentence for the word specialization?

Example sentences for the noun 'specialization':She's a gifted, knowledgeable doctor with a specialization in treating childhood cancer.Animals, of all sorts undergo a process known in biology as specialization, where they learn to adapt to their environment.My specialization, other than constantly questioning and answering on, is in psychology.My brother is a doctor, his specialization is gastroenterology.

How do you write specialization in a sentence?

The word 'specialization' is a noun, a word for the study or practice of a particular part of a wider subject; a word for a thing.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Example sentences:Cell specialization allows cells to perform specific functions. (subject of the sentence)Our contractor practices specialization in rescuing older homes. (direct object of the verb 'practices')Bill has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Health Information Management. (object of the preposition 'with')

What is a synonym for specialization?


What is the relationship between agriculture and specialization?

Agriculture uses specialization and specialization does not

How does specialization encourage trade?

Specialization encourages trade because it is a skill that someone has to make money. When a country has a great amount of a particular product, they specialize in it. If Another Country has the same condition as the first country, they'll specialize in it also. Once that happens, they'll exchange, or trade. So, specialization encourages trade by realizing what another country has!

What are some examples of specialization?

specialization is food:)

Disadvantages of specialization?

list down the disadvantages of specialization

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