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What is another word for trench warfare?


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Trench warfare. Warfare fought between men in trenches. No, I think trench warfare is about as good as it gets. Would the word "attrition" work for you? - attrition: constant wearing down to weaken or destroy (often in the phrase war of attrition)


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If by "solution for trench warfare", you mean a way to end trench warfare, then the invention and widescale use of tanks, bombers and the Blitzkrieg in WWII solved trench warfare.

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What are ten facts about trench warfare during WWI?

"Trench warfare was used in World War I"

The Germans won the trench warfare ww1 in 1965

Well this one seems kind of obvious, but Trench Warfare is called Trench Warfare because the men fought in Trenches during WW1 in which trench warfare was utilized.

Trench warfare was primary form of warfare used on western front

trench warfare was started by the Germans during the great war :)

The nuclear bomb was not used in trench warfare.

Everyone.... ..... In ww1, trench warfare was the main thing,,, omg....

the trench warfare was develped to provide a place to hind out

Trench warfare was an extremely effective strategy because trenches were a form of defensive warfare.

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Trench warfare is where soldiers lie down in narrow ditches for cover and fire their weapon from there. Warfare is just regular war.

Trench warfare was taking place during World War I. Both sides fighting in the first World War used trench warfare as a defensive tactic.

There are numerous books that have been written about trench warfare and World War I. One of the best of these is 'All Quiet on the Western Front,' by Erich Maria Remarque. Another great title is 'Eye Deep in Hell: Trench Warfare in World War I,' by John Ellis.

Trench warfare was fought due to new technologies and weapons.

What new technology did Germany use to combat the trench warfare standoff? What new technology did Germany use to combat the trench warfare standoff? What new technology did Germany use to combat the trench warfare standoff?

soldiers fire on one another from opposing lines of dugout trenches.

Trench warfare. They would sit in trenches and shoot at the enemy trench

When the Schlieffen Plan did not work for Germany they switched to Trench Warfare.

Trench warfare is a defensive tactic used to protect territory you currently hold. The Iraq War is a war in Iraq, one in which Trench Warfare is being employed.

Stay in the freaking trench!

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