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unwise - foolish

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Another word for unwise?

Foolish is another word for unwise it means showing lack of wisdom.

Another word for unwise or foolish with 11 letters?

injudicious, nonsensical

What is opposite word of wise?


What is another name for a unwise person?

a fool

What the opposite of the word wise?

unwise foolish.

What is a 6 letter word starting with you and ending with e?


What is a 6 letter word for silly?

Stupid, simple, unwise.

What is a 9 letter word meaning rash or unwise?


What is an example of a sentence using the word unwise?

In honor and memory of Kwai Chang Caine: "You are foolish and unwise Grasshopper; you will not leave until you can take the stones from my hand."

What is the opposite of the word wise?

The opposite of the adjective 'wise' is foolish or unwise.

How do you use the word shortcuts in a sentence?

It is often unwise to take shortcuts.

What is the root word for Unwise and wisely?

dont know

Can you give me a sentence with the word unwise?

Unwise to rely on these initiatives alone.It would have been intellectually wasteful, and politically unwise, to try to set out in a new direction.This seems very unwise, to say the least.Unwise pricing decision.Unwise to underestimate the amount of work which still lies waiting to be done in northern ireland.And it was perhaps unwise of me to ask if the man had any identification with him - which he promptly produced.Attempts by officials to stop the optimists having a water fight proved unwise, provoking a wet response.Unwise investment.Unwise to generalize on such matters: it is a subject best left to the good sense of trial judges.It would be an extremely unwise minister who ever withheld such information.However, the idea that two teenagers would marry today is now often considered unwise by many people.Unwise choice on fox's part to cancel it.Unwise to assume that these pictures represent real boats.However, it is probably unwise for a casual workstation to bridge fragments of the local domain which have become temporarily isolated.Unwise move, for keeping a greyhound or setter could cost a 40 shilling ( £ 2 ) fine under anti-poaching laws.Unwise to ignore the changes taking place.Very unwise such liberal use, causes skin, liver & circulatory ailments.Unwise thing to do to a songwriter, don't you think?Unwise to attempt to make brushes from spare blocks of carbon.Was caleb rather unwise to follow the lord fully?

How can you use the word protection in a sentence?

It is unwise to challenge the mother bear's protection of her cubs.

What is the prefix that goes before wise?

The prefix un- can be added to wise to make the word unwise.

What is the prefix for wise?


Can you use the word Administration in a sentence?

It is unwise to take any drug not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

What is an example word for the prefix wise?

well there could never be a prefix for wise unless you use unwise

What word means the opposite of wise?

There are several antonyms to "wise", they include foolish, ignorant, stupid, unintelligent, unreasonable & unwise

Why would it be unwise to purchase a swollen can in a grocery store?

It would be unwise because ANYTHING could of happen to it.

A person who is imprudent is?


How do use the word injudicious in a sentence?

That was an injudicious decision. The injudicious use of the computer caused him to get detention. Injudicious: lack of judgement, unwise.

Another word for introduce?

another word for introduce another word for introduce another word for introduce

How many times is the word wise in the Bible?

In the King James version the word - wise - appears 247 times the word - wisely - appears 14 times the word - wiser - appears 8 times and the word - unwise - appears 4 times

What is a sentence with unwise?

It was really unwise to buy a dress on sale without trying it on because I can't return a sale item.

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