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What is antimatter?

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AntimatterAntimatter could be considered the opposite of "normal" matter. We know that the matter that is all around us and makes us up is built of atoms, and these atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. In antimatter, atoms would be constructed of anti-protons, anti-neutrons and anti-electrons (which we know as positrons). As electrons orbit a nucleus of protons and neutrons in the "regular" matter we know, positrons would orbit a nucleus of anti-protons and anti-neutrons to make up antimatter atoms.

We currently use anti-electrons (positrons) on a regular basis in the medical application we know as PET imaging. Additionally, we use anti-protons in nuclear research. The Large Hadron Collider runs with protons and antiprotons circulating in the acceleration ring (in opposite directions), and then "collided" in an experimental area packed with sensors and detectors.

It should be noted that matter and antimatter don't "like" each other. Any "contact" between the two leads to mutual annihilation. In the case of the positron, which is produced in beta plus decay, that positron will eventually "run into" an electron, and mass of the two particles will be entirely converted into energy. Links have been included for further investigation, and you'll find them below.

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Can a dragon breathe antimatter?

They can DEFINITELY breathe antimatter

When was antimatter discovered?

Antimatter was discovered by Paul Dirac in 1928.

What year was antimatter discover?

Antimatter was discovered in 1928 by Paul Dirac.

What date was antimatter discovered?

Antimatter was discovered in 1928 by Paul Dirac.

In an atom of antimatter what would be the charge of an electron?

An atom of antimatter does not contain any electrons. The equivalent of an electron in antimatter is a positron, which has charge +1.

What type of professionals would be known to use 'antimatter'?

Currently, antimatter has uses in the medicine, fuel, and weapons industries. In medicine, they are shown to help cure cancer. Antimatter, while scarce, can be a potential substitute for fuel. In weapons, antimatter serves use as a trigger for nuclear weapons.

Who discovered antimatter?

The person who discovered antimatter was Paul Dirac. Paul Dirac.

When was Antimatter - band - created?

Antimatter - band - was created in 1998.

When was Antimatter - album - created?

Antimatter - album - was created in 1993.

How come the universe is made of matter and not antimatter?

That is not currently known. There is a slight assymetry between matter and antimatter, but so far, it seems that this assymetry is not enough to explain why there is only matter, and hardly any antimatter, in the Universe. Without such an assymetry, there wouldn't be either matter or antimatter in the Universe - just radiation. For more information about what is known, and what isn't, check the Wikipedia article on "Baryon asymmetry".

Is it theoretically possible for there to be sentient beings composed of antimatter?

Absolutely not - Antimatter is a hypothetical form of matter that is as yet unsubstantiated. Answer It's possible but not probable. And antimatter is not hypothetical

How many people like the idea of antimatter?

Antimatter is real. Liking or disliking it is irrelevant.

When was antimatter created?

antimatter has always been here but nobody knew about it until recently

Why the antimatter disappear in universe?

When antimatter comes into contact with matter, they annihilate each other.

What is an antihydrogen?

An antihydrogen is an atom of the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen, or the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen as a collective.

Who is the founder of Antimatter?

The founder of antimatter is considered to be the physicist called Paul Dirac in 1928-1930. He created a mathematical equation which predicted the existence of antiworld made out of antimatter.

When was Lights Out - Antimatter album - created?

Lights Out - Antimatter album - was created in 2003.

How powerful is antimatter?

Antimatter reacts with its matter equivalent to release 1.8*10^17 joules per kilogram of antimatter annheilated. This is equivalent to ~43 million tons of TNT.

What is Antimatter used for?

Currently antimatter is only used for scientific research as it is very expensive to obtain. In the future antimatter could be used for anything that requires energy such as producing electricity.

Can elements be made out of antimatter?

Yes. Antimatter is only a point of view concept : we can imagine any object made of what we call antimatter. According to his point of view, we would be made of antimatter. Moreover, a number of large areas of the universe, that doesn't have any contact with each other, may be made of antimatter. we wouldn't have any mean to know from where we are.

If 1gram body of antimatter meets a 10gram body of matter which survives?

Initially the 9g of remaining matter would survive. Each particle of antimatter can only annihilate with one other particle of antimatter. At this point the 1g of antimatter would cause an explosion equivalent to that of 200000 pounds of TNT. Causing both groups of matter and antimatter to be obliterated.

How the antimatter bomb works?

An antimatter explosion is caused when one particle of antimatter and one particle of matter collide with each other resulting in a massive explosion. If you only had a couple of grams of antimatter, you could probably destroy a big city like Las Vegas.

Is it possible to propel an aircraft using antimatter?

It is not possible to propel an aircraft using antimatter because the technology to create and store antimatter requires equipment that is very large and massive (not able to be carried in an airplane), because there is no current technology for long-term, portable storage of antimatter, and because current technology permits creation of antimatter only in exceedingly small amounts.

Will antimatter start a black hole?

No, Antimatter while annihilate our matter, meaning that it will completely convert our matter to light and heat, however antimatter is highly theoretical, and the LHC probably will not create any.

Why matter overcome antimatter?

That is one of the unsolved problems in cosmology. There seems to be a slight difference between matter and antimatter, that is, the symmetry between matter and antimatter is not perfect. But the details of baryogenesis are not known yet.

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